Being spiritual!

These are trying times on every level. We are being pushed by our personalities to grow and expand. We are being asked by our higher selves to get off our butts and get busy. Now it the time and the time is now! The playground of life has picked up the pace and everything we have been asked to master is up for review. I liken this time to being a new professor applying for tenure. It is time for us each to apply what we know and defend our position if necessary(backed by the light of truth).

If you wave a spiritual flag to your friends and your life is a spiral of confusion and misdirection take down your flag and get back to the mat of meditation and restore your sense of direction. Seek your internal monitor and reset it on the course of internal exploration. Look inside and ask, How do I see the light manifesting in my life today? Are you using your internal light to uplift or blind those around you?
Many spiritual leaders are blinding people with their vibrant personalities. While it is awesome to see masters at work, When do people start to remember that they too are capable of being the master and everything they are enamored with is a power latent within themselves? Is your teacher telling that to you? Or are you believing in a teacher who takes first and gives later? The time is now for the discernment of the seeker to step forward and with a light protected heart to search for the inner teacher and keep the power Creator has given to them to restore and build their own light to shine for themselves and those within their circle.
These are powerful times of change and redirection. All people who were once vast and powerful will fall behind unable to be apart of a society wrapped up in light and love. When everything about your life has been about how much can I take and how much can I amass, these are going to be tough times for sure. You will find you are losing everything until you learn that there is nothing you need, no power you can take,  and nothing outside of your self that carries any importance at all. The only real treasure will be what you carry in your heart and that is love. Because our next world will not be about the accumulation of anything but spiritual knowledge and attainment of spiritual power through light. It will be a time of universal love and knowledge that God is in everything and everywhere.
So many people are still trapped in things that make up the material world, maya, maya everywhere you look, people still convinced it is real.
It is  a powerful time for transformation and this is an internal experience that can be rarely shared with those around you for the fear it instills in those whose consciousness level has not yet expanded. As we walk the path of consciousness you will find alone the way the past experiences that first need to be cleared. You will be asked one more time to go through painful experiences that have in the past held you back and forced you to react in fear. Your new and more powerful expanded self will pass the test with flying colors and the pain and upset you would have experienced in the past will be no longer. You are going to feel your own sense of growth and acceptance of everything thing that has ever happened in your life and you will see that it was good!
As we experience growth and allow completion of life lessons it will feel like finally rounding a corner of the path you have been walking on endlessly seemingly going nowhere and there before you is a beautiful destination ahead, I thought that was up here somewhere!!! Some many people feel lost right now but know you are not. Feeling lost is a sensation that lets you know that the universe is protecting you, fogging your perception while it takes the time to remake your path into a higher form of your destiny. Would it not be awesome if you understood all the heart-break in your life as the building blocks of tomorrow and that all that so-called heartbreak was meant to strengthen you right down to your innermost core to be as a king or queen of  your universe.
Think on that, a King or Queen of your own universe. It is our birth right, we are kings and queens. But to accept that crown we need to know the heavy responsibility that leadership carries. The King or Queen holds their people in their hands. It is their responsibility to tend and care for their people. To be a king or queen requires a stamina of iron, character of steel, and a heart that can not  be moved away from the light of God.
In the silence of the inner most being of who you are is the heart of a leader. It is in silence that we gain the power of our being holding tight to that gaining inner light we are amassing as light workers. This is the great responsibility we are all asked to bear. This responsibility is to the self, first and foremost. Just as it is said be the change you are looking for in this world. So open your heart first, shine your light into the darkness. Give of your self to your fellow-man and open your self to the highest level of spirituality and that is the one who acts as a co-creator with God in our times. This time is about no one person, no one tribe, no one culture or religion, or even specific views and beliefs, these times are about us all becoming our true selves. Powerful beings living lives as victors and not victims. This my friends is being spiritual!

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