Trusting in the process

We as humans have a vested interest in how our lives progress. If it is not going along our own projected time line we become anxious even upset. We believe that the purpose or project that we are pouring our souls into is best served if it happens quickly. We see it all the time in advertising, act now! It’s funny we as humans think we can push an outcome just because we want or need to. Most likely it is due to a need for cash or recognition. Most people looking for the big payoff or that very thing that is going to catapult them from nothingness into something. But all it takes is a look into the natural world to see that everything has a season.

How do you think the tress in Northern Minnesota would feel if humans believed trees were only groovy with leaves on them. In Northern Minnesota trees spend more time with leaves off than on. Thing is leaves on or off, it completely changes the way everything looks. With the leaves on it provides shade, privacy and an awesome display come fall. But in the winter with the leaves off we can see the trails, far distances and the stars above the house. Both our great and the changing landscape makes each unique and special.

The time line of our lives work in a very similar way, every section has its own season. When we are young we can’t wait to be grown ups, when we start our careers we can’t wait to be successful, when we are ill we can’t wait to be well. There is never a sense of being where you are, or experiencing what is. Push push push, we push our selves, we push our lives and we push each other. It’s true what they say you can lead a horse to water but you can make it drink. This same for human time lines, you can push your kids but you can make them successful or even see the reasoning of your logic. But you can push them away! You can speak about your path of faith and spirituality to your friends but you can not make another see it or feel it. Pushing just makes you a pusher!

When we study the Divine Spiritual Wisdom and the laws that run the universe we can see the perfection of that which is found in the right time. The right time is when what you are doing is met with success. The right time is when what you are saying is being accepted. The wrong times gives you that feeling in our stomach because you know your words are falling on deaf ears.  For everything there is a season, for everything there is a right time.

Trusting in the process will completely relax you in all of your endeavors. Working within the laws of the Universe and just being at ease on the inside allows God’s grace to flow in your life. I remember that feeling of wishing and hoping about something, being so anxious for it to happen like news of a job, the safety of a child. In the end everything has a way of working out.

Can you imagine if water became anxious over where it was supposed to be flowing, wondering if it had made the right turn or was even going in the right direction. Water feels the force of all creation leading and influencing its direction. When it gets stopped it begins to collect to form lakes when it starts to flow in unknown territory it makes its own path gracefully chipping away at great obstacles until a river is formed. It does not get upset if it has to go a different direction or dries up and goes away. Water just is!

If we will keep these concepts in our minds when working towards a goal or even when we feel we have no real idea where or what we are supposed to doing life becomes much easier to navigate. Some days you will be like water stopped and collecting the very energy you will need to begin to flow again. Some days you will feel the urging to go in a new direction carving your own path. When you live your life flowing with the universal energies everything you need plus everything you will need to know will be open for your discovery. One must learn to trust in the process!








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