I’m talking to myself!

Following myself from place to place I am unsettled and searching for who knows what. On a lark I am in Paris because if something didn’t happen to change the stagnation I was feeling I was going to explode, and what a mess that would be. Today I read that Marcel Proust wrote that we should not seek different landscapes but look through different eyes. Well I say hey Marcel did you ever live in Duluth, MN? Yeah, no you did not.

While living in some parts of the world can hold ones attention for years, depending on your own growth you may find you have out lived what your home town has to offer and find your self swimming in boredom.

Me, with my hand up!

So off to foreign lands.

Surrounded by people who don’t speak my language is just about as bad as being alone all of the time, you start talking to yourself. Hours can go by when I don’t speak to another human, sometimes days. Well that is way to much quiet so I talk to myself. To my cat at home, seems less weird! But away from home and when the cats aren’t around I have some great conversations. Usually going over things I am studying or reading. Today outside of the restaurant, excuse me, bistro, I was reading the map, out loud, So!

Now mind you I am in a foreign country so maybe no one really noticed, they did. Then I figured if I have to wait for someone to be in my life before I can have a decent conversation it could be a while and I have a mouth that loves to talk and work things out, verbally! So I needed my mouth to explain to my directional center which way to go. I learn best when I can hear the words out loud, even my own. Call me crazy I say but they have to do it in French and I can’t hear them I am way to busy talking to myself.Hotel Lutetia


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