Ready, set, go…

I am going on the biggest adventure of my life. I am so excited and I must say a little afraid. After much deliberation( maybe a few hours) I have decided to go back to France and immerse myself in the language. I have always loved the language and have had a monster desire to speak it fluently. At this stage in my life there is really no reason not to and as I have no clue what I am doing next or where I am going to land its quite possible it may be France. I mean why not!

I consider this a change of focus and the opportunity for a large break from the uncertainity I have been living in. I realize many people are finding themselves in similar places. After so many years of living life in a particular manner a single act or a cascading mountain of events happen and your life is radically different. Right now I am looking at radically different, the volcano in my life already erupted. I was getting stuck in the muck.

In the spiritual traditions when a person finds themselves stuck in a repeating of patterns it is time to take stock of that which is being missed. I like the analogy of life as a highway. Our life is like a journey on a highway with many stops and off and on ramps aplenty, you can go for long distances or turn off the highway and visit different locations and situations or you can get off and stay off the highway. I see my being stuck as having made a turn on my highway that has become an endless off and on ramp, I’m going in circles getting no where. Now this analogy means I am like a car and in this case a car on cruise control driving off and on the highway ramp over and over.

Praise God for all of the unseen forces that help us find our way. They may gently urge us back on our highway or they may recommend a full stop to find or create a new one. Help is all around but with a car driving in circles who is looking up. Well I am now. I was getting dizzy with those circles and frankly bored out of my mind with the scenery. Happily new roads signs were lighted and I finally made the turn and as I look up I am on a completely new highway. Awesome, way to go, that’s what I’m talking about!

It is so bright up ahead I can not make out what’s going on up there or even where I am going still a mystery and now an exciting possibilty. It takes courage and great strength to completely change the course of your life and the loss can be substantial. I see the loss now as a reduction of baggage so I may go to my new destination with an empty suitcase to collect new memories and new friends and maybe even a new lover. (oh la la) Lost is the new found. I was never lost I just didn’t know where I was and when I finally decided to take charge and frankly allow the guidance from the unseen forces my new life highway became visible to me.

So look up people there maybe a new sign on your highway, news of a new and exciting destination, keep your eyes and heart open, your mind receptive and your life will never be the same.

Ah hope! Ready, set, go….. for it!

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