It’s a new year!

It’s a new year and time for a new beginning. The earth celebrated the last day of 2011 and is started on a new year. I think it best we all follow the earth’s lead.

The earth moves into a new year while some of the world is deep in its winter sleep and other parts are getting their party on at a beach located far far away from where I have been lately!

In my part of the earth our land is covered in snow like a beautiful secret being nurtured by silence and dark. Here where I am staying it is blanketed in fog with vineyards asleep as far as the eye can see. We think of winter as still and calm, they way it can be during a gentle snow fall. Winter is seen as quiet and peaceful, the trees sleeping like the dead but with their hearts still beating. They wait for their own return. I’ve been waiting for mine.

Winter is also seen as a time of renewal as many things die going through their transformation from one reality to the next. I was a seed,(and I was) then a plant, then I was a beautiful flower (which I am) slowly transforming from its beautiful flower self to a nurturing soul producing more seeds (which I did) so that the world may enjoy more flowers,(mine are awesome) then dying knowing it’s done it’s job (the letting go part humans have such a problem with) to be reborn and do it again(positive thinking, life is not over just because your old).

It’s a new year and while on the surface it is just another day, the day after yesterday, when looked at with a broader vision it is a new day in a new year. Time to produce seeds.

On the earth calendar we don’t plant seed until spring when the ground is ready. In human terms we must produce our seeds of new thought during the winter when life slows some and we move into a more receptive state. It’s only light for 8 hours what else do you have to do but begin moving into the self for examination and fertilization of the mind so that the seeds being formed in the dark of winter may be fruitful. We are being born again. Let me rephrase that with during the time of darkness with proper thought, an open mind  and a receptive heart we can make our selves new again.

In the Christian tradition they speak of being born again, metaphorically,(don’t scream my Christian friends open your hearts and you will feel what I mean) but in a broader view of what increased light and vibration can do to the human being, it is in essence being born again. Once you begin to cultivate more light and vibration into your body you will never be the same.

On January 7th I celebrate 3 years of darkness. Interesting don’t you think? 3 days until he arose again. (3 very sacred number). It is the beginning of my time as well. The funny thing is and really if you know me it’s even funnier, I am a solitary person by birth, I don’t mind being by myself. Most of my life spent surrounded by family and such until 3 years ago. My world exploded theirs did not, praise God! Anyway 3 years is long enough to realize the importance of waking back up. I digress again, (its my blog and I’ll digress whenever I want).  Ok so, I went to France awesome, not Paris, ok less awesome but, awesome none the less. I am in France where when I say Parlez vous anglais? (do you speak English) they shake their head no, and in broken French hand signals and prayer I make myself understood. I brought along french movies, french books, a spare few English books. Now I am alone living in my head because no one speaks English, school starts tomorrow and its an immersion school no English, not a hotel no english speaking channels on television. No English! Can you say Oh my God in French?

I am here on the first day of the new year. As a matter of fact I arrived on new years eve. I am bringing in the new year where I have no choice but to move inside of  myself and rediscover who I am and more importantly who I am becoming. I am redeveloping my strength and courage, finally! I am planting new seeds of a new identity that rejects the ugliness of my last years, finally!

By the way, forming new seeds is hard work but surrounded by local wine, bread made daily by local bakers and cheese aplenty who needs to talk anyway. And many will tell you I talk to much as I do have plenty to say.

So it’s a new year and in this new place and I am redefining myself. There is no way this experience can be anything but growth. It is the beginning of the next chapter scratch that, it is the beginning of a brand new book, hmmm a brand new book. I’m going to think about that. And soon I will think about it in French.

Happy New Year tout le monde! Now go ready your seeds.



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