Day 4- Le vent

Le vent, the wind! Today there is so much wind. My class every other day is in the matin, morning, as in I had class this morning. When I woke up and looked outside, didn’t really have to because I could hear the wind whistling through my apartment, there was nothing to see, all rain, fog and the sound of the howling wind. I walk to class each day and uphill to get there. Nothing like walking through a howling wind to bring life into perspective. Funny to is the nature of a woman in a town where she is known(does my hair look ok?) fast forward to a town where she is unknown(who cares how my hair looks?)

In New York City I will do just about anything not to have to leave my hotel if the wind is blowing. You walk between those sky scrapers and that wind will take your breath away, pull your coat off, I’m not going out there! Mais, but, here I go right out the door. That wind this morning was pouring rain down my neck, blowing my ankle length coat up over my head and all I could was scream and laugh, my God it was funny. Moi, Leanne walking in the rain and the wind laughing her ass off. I’m sure by the end of these 4 weeks the towns people are going to really wonder about me. I say wonder away!

I am having so much fun and that wind represented to me a good reason why. Even in Duluth if its windy I will not go outside. I can not stand having the wind blowing in my face. Hmmmm, Funny how that which cleanses the world is mighty difficult to take. Wind does a very good job as it blows things down around and away, it can be very destructive, fire burns things away, can be very destructive, cold freezes things to death, very destructive, yet all of these acts cleanse the earth from that which time has come.

All summer long every time the wind blew I would think breath of God and let it caress my face, gentle was that breeze. Yesterday it was so beautiful here, so much sun and a gentle breeze, God’s breath on my face. Today the wind howls and rather than stay inside afraid of what that wind would do to me, I imagined the breath of God blowing the debris of my life away, I imagined the rain cleansing my body and spirit of that which would not move away with the wind. Water and air cleansing me from the past for my renewal. Like I tell my teacher C’est nouvelle annee pour un nouveau moi, It’s a new year for a new me. To make the healing complete there would also need to be fire but I am a fiery person so there is more need for water and air, pour moi! Thus today’s howling wind and blowing rain, I was pretty fiery about that.

Moral of the story, if you find yourself being blown away by the wind don’t be afraid just let the transformative powers of change run through you until nothing is left of the old. Remember not to look into a mirror or store front reflection while outside you may scare yourself with what you see, scared the hell out of me this morning( I can not go in there looking like this) I did! We are often unprepared for such a wind but that’s the point. If we were on this planet on our own time schedule I think we might never evolve so the great creator chooses for us when its time. So accept the wind, keep you head up so you can see ahead of you, and allow your debris to be cleared away.

Oh la la I am going to be so clear you maybe able to see through me. Hmmm

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