A reaction to a facebook post

I stand for rational self interest as a primary value for one’s life. And, understandably I stand against the virtue of selflessness, this utterly false concept that you live your life in service to others. I stand for man’s ability to create, produce and achieve for his own happiness. What do you stand for? Scott Martineau

I read this post this morning and just couldn’t get past the language and frankly the thought. I try hard to let people be who they are but those who would stand in front of others as an expert must be held accountable for what they say, so I had to respond, the following letter was what I sent him, mistakes and all.

I have read and reread this post about what it is you ‘stand for’. I am having trouble with your statement and mostly because you stand in a public forum. The concept of rational self interest is one thing, In the spiritual traditions as well as in the material world the concept of seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given, is very much alive. If there is something you desire one can work hard and get it. I get that you are saying one should get off their butt and do the work it takes to make yourself a success at life. Very true, very true, Also very Ayn Rand. Are John Galt?

The idea that we live in an insulated world of just me and mine is how the idea of I must work for “myself” and those who will not and do not shall perish by their own thinking, perish not meaning death just an unsuccessful life.

Here’s the rub, in a world of interconnected beings which we are, everything I do for myself affects the whole. Every trail I blaze can be used for another, every success I have benefits the whole. I as a teacher share my concepts of faith and success, prosperity and love, so that those who would not know would then know. A selfless task of sharing. I share because it lifts me as well as the whole. To assume that grabbing the gold ring and then cleaving it onto my chest for my success and no one else is the very reason this earth is in this mess.

I do not advocate giving away your goods I do not advocate giving away so much as to be reckless to yourself and your family. I do not advocate for stupidity. But this concept that living in the service of others is false, is a huge problem for me. If it were not for those who have done just that, serve others, our world would have no hope. As those who have held the truth away from the masses keeping people ignorant and frankly as slaves, those are the people who live in “a rational self interest world” wrong thought, sorry.

Every act has a consequence and I believe in the power of the word. You have a public forum that I hope you will always use, striving to help others, not hurt. This world concept of mine versus yours has to stop. Yes we are all on our own journey, no one can live for another. Yet those who walk the path of light have been given a gift that will extinguish if one chooses only their self interest. Not to share and understand that your success is everyone’s success and their failure is your failure is to have missed the point of a light worker altogether. It is not living selflessly to be in service to others each journey is important to that universal energy which created us all. Being in service to others is what we were told to do, by whom you ask?, hmmm, is that life in your chest, every breath you take, every beat of your heart, yah that’s who…there is a bigger picture, we do not know everything and cannot but we can be “in service to each other”

I would have posted this (on his facebook page) but I do not need 10,000 emails from others nor do I need to defend my beliefs to 10,000 others.. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you and implore you to be careful with your words, they are vibration affecting many souls, oh you who would not be selfless, no offense Scott but you wanted to know what I ‘stand for’, so there you go

Leanne Zeppa

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