Is it the Truth and how would you know?

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

I have been thinking about the truth this morning. Where it is and who thinks they have it and why anyone tries to pretend they do. The real truth to any situation is usually revealed at some point. Criminals are caught, thieves are rooted out, spiritual revelations are revealed, but what about the truth-sayers?
For me the real problem is not that someone thinks they know what the ‘truth’ is, its that someone thinks they know what the ‘truth’ is for everyone. How can that be? I read a post about nutrition this ‘doctor’ was spouting about the benefits of being a vegetarian,yes I can get behind that, then the caveat, he ‘knew’ that eating animal products keeps the upper chakras or energy systems from being able to translate spiritual awareness. Excuse me what?
In his limited thinking he believed that each human on this planet will be kept behind in consciousness development because they eat animal products. That’s right “and God said from the heavens eat this not that, starve if you must, you over there with the deer at your table and the pelt on your back, very bad mojo”
There is no doubt what we do to our animals farmed for food is often reprehensible and we would be best served by not including that kind of negativity into our diets. Yet many people have a lively hood that is dependent on the animals they farm, sea, land, or air, and most people have to eat to stay alive. Knowing that their body desires food or any kind, is that wrong? And then who are you to judge?
For me it is wrong for someone to decide for you, about anything. The most awesome thing about self-responsibility is as you learn what is right for you it reinforces for you how to live your best life. Then how you do it and how  your body responds can set an example for those around you. Conscious eating is a spiritual act. Conscious eating, meaning paying attention to what you put in your mouth and why. Not leaving things out because someone said something about this that or the other.
What you find to be good for the body during the 20’s changes in the 40’s again in the 60’s and it changes when your health changes or your environment becomes less than stellar. Our creator put within each of us a thinking brain designed to match the body it is in connected to it, so you probably know what you need.
I have a slow metabolism and eating meat is not necessary for me. Yet during times of sickness and weakness I have used animal protein to give me a boost and fed it to my very thin son as he recover from his illness. I doubt my conscious awareness was affected I was doing my work and that is what is asked of us.
The law of cause and effect levels the playing field on this earth. If you act against your body it will respond in kind. If you act with the body it will act for you. Cause and effect. Same with your speech choice of words choice of friends and associates. If your life is working well then hey you are walking your path. If your life is not working then you probably know that. Though you may be like many pointing your fingers to all who are at fault for your problems but then later you will find that being a victim just puts you on the sideline of life and no one looks on the sidelines for the winners of this game called life.
The truth has changed on the physical planet many times as new truths are revealed, this is life. Big Truth is measured in its accuracy for all people, the sun always comes up, love always wins, we are all part of a grand design. Small truths move around, we need to eat meat, we need flu shots, we need lots of money, we need to dig for more oil, we need… The truth sets us free as we explore what the “truth” is for us.
I say learn the universal laws as they affect the planetary energies. Learn what lies beneath the surface of who you are, no one knows you more than you. And remember what the oracle says, know thy self and then the truth shall set you free!
Be free my lovelies.

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