Pain as a teacher

I have been in pain the last couple of weeks. When I moved myself to Minneapolis for this next 3 months I had to do it myself. I didn’t move furniture but a few boxes and frankly the neck and spine or an area of weakness in my genetic line so it is a fight to keep it all in line and of course is why yoga is so important to me.

I can keep a good mental outlook and if you know my story physical pain is and has been a part of my life, lots of years of sickness and many fighting pain. Migraines and neck pain, these are my 2 main issues for this period as the other issues slowly faded. Much of the issues within my physical body healed I think as I burned karma and I walked the walk of my spiritual path. It is why my spiritual path became my central focus. For healing, for unity, for peace!

Pain for me is an indication that something is wrong in the body. Pain in my heart is also a sign something is wrong all of it having to do with energy vibration and most of all love.

I am still in battle mode with life, still so confused about my life, where I am, where I am going. The pain reminds me of the fight when everything turns grey and I have let the pettiness of life slow me down. As I slip from my path pain is the thing that nudges me but often it takes a while before I figure out the message and I will spend a ridiculous amount of time suffering, (woman thing). Pain is the indication that something is wrong, not that my body is wrong but that my vibration is wrong, to strong of a word my vibration is off.

I read a story about a woman who had what she called a spiritual awakening, lots of that going around right now, in her interest of what was happening to her and of course having money she began to travel to interview spiritual teachers across the globe to figure out what was going on. At the same time she had also been involved in an accident that had hurt her back and resulted in chronic pain, I can totally relate to chronic pain, anyway, as much as she speaks on what the teachers explain to her she continues to complain of her aching back, traveling with special chairs, cushions for her back, that kind of thing.

Well finally she comes upon the teacher who does not play into the oh how terrible about your back. They are sitting discussing spiritual truths and she can’t sit still, her back, her back, he nailed her right then and there,”if you would dwell in God you would not feel your back pain” of course she blasted past that because it is real back pain but I heard what he said and he might as well have been saying it to me.

Yogi Bhajan my Kundalini master recorded a track for a compilation CD years ago and all I can remember is the part of him saying “dwell in God” my favorite line and there it was, dwell in God.

The vibration of purity does not contain pain or any discomfort for the body and actually purifies and lessens pain as the body responds by lifting and becoming light. Pain cannot live in that kind of environment I have been teaching this and here I am relearning it again.

Yesterday morning I woke in so much pain I would have gladly had my head chopped off just to release the pain in my neck. It was 4:30 am and I am screaming into the heavens for help as there is no one around me to help or even anything I can do to release it when it gets like this, and the words come right to me, ‘dwell in god and forget your pain’. So I did. I just pictured that thought that idea that vibration and lo and behold if you dwell in the purity of light and love there is nothing physical there.

Pain is an indication that something is wrong both on the physical and emotional level, love is the key, love is the vibration of healing. It is not an easy answer my neck hurts right now but I know that as I dwell in God the pain is moved and soon it will be gone. I maybe paying off some karma, I maybe relearning a lesson, I maybe paying for not being attentive while I was lifting, what ever the reason the vibration of love will help release it and the vibration of love will make everything OK.

Love love love to you all!

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