Really, did he just say that?

I spent the day walking the streets of Minneapolis. It was my first day of  French class baby, (I’m going to parlez vous francais even if it sends me into the next life). Anyway at the same time I had to go and sign papers for a home equity loan for my daughter’s house, translation dealing with men in suits. Funny thing being they have no idea I am dealing with them as they simply think they are in front of me ‘explaining’ terms, poor guys, really.

So man in suit is explaining to me what I already know, me nodding my head, yep, yep, really how much longer, they only serve lunch until 2pm, really!  As usual man who apparently has never been in the presence of a strong woman went through those pages at lightening speed. Thank you very much! It must have been difficult for him to say in Minnesota speak, sign these papers and the bank owns you. Side bar for those of you who do not understand if you get a bank involved with your life expect said bank to be in bed with you for a while. Check, man in bed with me I don’t know, wear pj’s from now on! Really!

After I signed my life away I went for lunch, to celebrate by myself that I’m buying my daughter a new kitchen and bath, check that, we are borrowing the money to update the house. Really….

Anyway there I am in said restaurant having lunch after lunch hours so I am there by myself. Really, Hard to believe as I have spent the last 3 years by myself. I digress, so I order my food and wine celebrating. I go down the hall to check my mail( Dad talk for I had to use the head) and on my way there I slipped on the floor they had just mopped and down I went, followed by are you kidding me? followed by men running to my aid, hell don’t sue us, so concerned they were, oh isn’t that sweet. Really?

Manger meets me at said bathroom and the are you ok? follows, me of course, and blah blah. I expected at least a comp on my drink. I continued with my meal, my server was awesome, reading my book pleasant afternoon.

Ready for my bill. Now mind you I bruise easily and will have a huge bruise on my knee but why torture people when as we all well know shit happens, maybe you don’t know that well, I’ll tell you, shit happens to everyone at any time, shit happening is the great equalizer in life. You never know when it is your turn and how you react is what the Universe is keyed into, the why, well that’s one of life’s mysteries. Really, surely you know this!

I was walked back to my seat with the manager they were concerned I went down and I get my bill, really! They did not comp me my drink they did not reduce my bill, they did nothing at all, I paid for the privilege to eat at there restaurant while destroying my knee, Really they almost killed me.

If I was not a flexible person slipping at my advanced age (whatever) could make it impossible for me to be comfortable for the rest of my life, ok so now I am a drama Queen but really!!!!! So for me I have to have a good attitude, I desire to do the right thing, my server surely was not to blame I couldn’t hurt him by not leaving a tip, so on my way out I simply said, hey tell said manager he could have at least bought me a glass of wine!!!!!!!

There it was, that uncomfortable pause as everyone in the room realizes the right thing wasn’t done, they had taken advantage of a nice woman when there is all kinds of not nice in me, lawyers everywhere, knee pain leading to back pain leading to the I can’t work, live , get what I mean, really!!!!!!

But here is what I do know! I left the restaurant simply saying what would have been the right thing to do, it’s what I always do. I had a spiritual community that did the same thing to me, they through me under the bus when they had no idea how to do the right thing. Wonder if they are struggling now?

I say people if you take the time to do the right thing the Universal energy that is in charge of this life will tend to you. I have had no need to retaliate in any manner over anything that has ever happened to me. Praise God there is a balance in the universe.  Everything that is out of balance will be restored. There is not a single human being who has the right to overlord another human. There is no human who can get away with anything and for me this is the most important thing I have ever learned. I can call on Divine justice to right all my wrongs and the reward to me will be more than I ever thought possible. Praise God! Sometimes we are equalizing our own karma and we will need to fall on our ass in front of everyone, it is always best to accept what happens and let go and let God as they say, whoever ‘they’ are!!!!!

I have sent many years lamenting the injustice of my life but as I watch the universe do to those who wronged me so much more than I could have done myself I know that someone out there is watching over me and the balance of life will always be restored. Really!

So be careful, you could fall tomorrow and I may fall in front of you. But if I see you fall I will say, hey you ok? So if you see me fall hey why not do the same thing! Really.

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