being calm and just doing it

I, the self-appointed queen of my world is traveling to Florida this weekend to be among my people. I will walk amongst those who I have not seen in many years. People who knew when and do not know me now. Is that a queenly thing? Am I not suppose to keep it all a mystery the where I’ve been and what I have been doing?

There is something I have to confess, I love mystery. I love meeting someone having a moment then disappearing. I have no need of anyone knowing who I am or what I do and if you ask me I may never give the same answer twice.

I as the Queen gave birth to children with similar needs. We are individuals incapable of being ‘just’ ordinary. I find an ordinary life to be absolutely boring. I love the thrill of not knowing, the challenge of what if’s and what could have been and well you shouldn’t have said that and I would have stayed. Now I am gone.

It takes great courage to thumb your nose at convention and lead your own life, walking your own path, living with gusto knowing as you may fall on your ass with lots of people watching, whatever! I am the Queen and I am just doing it.

I so want to be free to live. I so want to be free to love, and love the one I want and the way I want. How do you know how great my love can be when you are telling me how I should live, how I should show you love. It took me years to figure out that often God does not gives us what we want because what God has in store for us is so much more awesome than the small-minded thing we think we desire. I want a car, God wants to give me the world of my intention a gift, a world of me.

So I crowned my self Queen of my world. In my kingdom I am free to be me, faults and all, awesomeness and all, big butt and all, come on everyone loves a big butt. I am the Queen. I call it for my world and I call the shots(and pay the fricking bills)

So as Queen of my world and you are reading this that makes you a part of my kingdom, wait, Queendom. So I decree that everyone that is within my reach who has the (cover your ears delicate ones) balls to live, be yourself, be it proud and loud, I grant you your own Queendom or kingdom to live in and be your self.

Let’s get out there people and be the royalty we are. I going to a reunion of sorts, seeing family and friends who have no idea who I am, the old me would have run. Now as the Queen I will be holding court for all who would be free. No more being intimidated about whatever. Come, follow my lead. Many others are so much more comfortable living their live through others, sacrificing the gifts given to them. As a mother I get that as a Queen I forbid it.

My children need a Queen mother not a woman scared to live. My people need a Queen ready to fight for their freedom not a carbon copy of what is already been. It is 2012 and time for the new. Oh I am not afraid I am not discouraged with the state of the would hell, I am staying calm and just doing it, I am the Queen. Need someone to crown you, let me know. Crowns come in every size! I had mine specially made to fit my awesomeness though most don’t seem to notice it, hmmm, might need to add some sparkle, glitter maybe, lots of jewels, yah that’s it….

So all you would be Queens out there be calm and just do it…….

6 thoughts on “being calm and just doing it

  1. As the rightfully and duly elected Supreme Burrito of all the universes both known an unknown, I give you sovereignty over this world… in this particular universe only, since you weren’t specific.

  2. if I had read this earlier (than today), I would have brought you a crown adorned with sparkling jewels! As for big butts….I’ve got you beat! Just saying!

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