I was with my family of ancestry this weekend and I found myself face to face with what has been the base of my family tree. These people were the seed carriers for my DNA line and the seed distributors for my beliefs. My family tree didn’t look so good. Family is a tricky word for me. It is defined as persons sharing ancestry or living together as a group. These days as people marry and remarry into families there comes a time when they become part of the family tree. They are like a grafted limb forced onto the original. Grafting a limb onto a tree is an art and it can be difficult to get that tree to continue to grow. I realized my tree needs pruning. Yup that tree didn’t look so good.

I am old school about family trees. I use to believe that our family of origin is important and often the only thing that we have that is constant in our lives. I was taught to be loyal to my tree I had it to thank for life. But a diseased limb can destroy a tree. I now know why Jesus said often that we must forget our earthly families, leave them behind, prune the tree.

We are born into families you can’t do much about that. I was taught to be loyal to my family and what I thought was funny is that this is not a trait found in my family. My family is mostly a do for your self, cover your own ass, take what you need, and please do not bother me with your problems kind of family. I thought my problems were a weakness, I should have known better, and I was taught shame, how could you act like that, think of your family… funny how the mind works…mind control that is.

Family in today’s world is what we make it. We surround ourselves with people who care about us and actually understand the term unconditional. Now I am not saying there are not bad limbs on all family trees and they have to be dealt with but the tree should have a wisdom about it to know whether or not the limb is bad or just sick and needs tending. Can you imagine a created universe with a judgmental God. So as soon as you did something seen as shameful and wrong towards your family you would be put in time out eternity style, “sit there until you know what you did was wrong”, wrong in whose eyes? Hey you doing the said judging, watch out for that stone crashing through your glass house.

There can be no peace in a family that does not have love at its base. Unconditional love that allows for all kinds of limbs and most certainly new limbs and the complete acceptance of gnarled imperfect limbs. Like all things in the natural world we need love to thrive, you might think it is food and water you need to survive, you tell me how long you want to live if their was no love on that tree anywhere for you. No love, none, just desperation, separation, desolation. You would find trees falling down everywhere.

Life reaches for life just like branches moving towards the sun. Branches that have no sun die. Some branches die because of bad behavior of their own and that branch will wither. Best to cut the branch off before it infects the whole tree. Sometimes its just a branch with a bad attitude and it can only learn how important the trunk is as it watches from the ground disassociated from the tree. The tree goes on living and the branch becomes food for the tree as it is reabsorbed back into the ground. Try again little branch.

I am pruning my tree as I saw way to many of its branches with a withering dis-ease. They have forgotten to reach up towards their creator where it’s very life blood comes from. For as the tree rises further up to the sky the roots which hold it fast to the ground are fed from below nourished by the earth. The same earth that will let it go when the tree roots forget what is holding it and it falls to its death

We are trees that must remember our maker. We must rise up towards the heavens of understanding. A good tree feeds all branches equally until a branch signals a problem. A grown up tree will try to let go of a bad branch knowing the importance of doing it for the good of the tree, there will always be new branches but once the tree falls it must wait in spirit until the seed it sowed so many years ago grows and fills the now empty dream. I prune my tree for longevity for the many other branches eager to grow. Branches that will bear new fruit new seeds and learn to adapt to changing times changing environment. Only the fittest will survive.

I am an old growth tree that only just saw the vastness of my tree. I had lost sight of my entire self stuck concentrating on fixing branches that simply need to be pruned. So much energy lost but a mighty lesson learned. I am the tree, they my “family” are just branches on my tree. I need not keep them there. I am a vast tree moving out of the dream of my limited family trees view and I move myself further into my powerful tree self. I rise up to the heavens to see how high I can go. I reach deep down into the earth to keep myself grounded in the truth of my reality. As I breathe in the heavens fill me with light and the earth fills me with purpose.

Ahhhh, it feels good to prune my tree. And hello to all my branches, my children, my friends, my family and to the new baby branches I welcome you. Breathe in and I will breathe with you become a self-serving branch and I will prune you. This is a vast unlimited tree so come and be a part of my forest.

Oh and check your tree it might need pruning too!



9 thoughts on “Pruning the family tree

      1. I would wilt like a willow, pine for more, root out all lies, then climb my branches back into the sky. You are right we could go all day the mighty oak said…

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