Changing lanes and merging back onto my highway


After pruning my family tree I am feeling pretty free today. There were some heavy boughs that had to go, limbs that have been weighing me down and making my butt look big, I hate that!  Well I am changing my tune, singing a new song and really loudly. I am certainly not buying into old thinking anymore. I am cutting away everything old, this may mean my hair, haven’t decided yet. But I do know I am changing lanes on my life highway.

I promise to have my turn signal on because I am driving fast. It’s hard to watch for you slow drivers, you vacationers, I am on my way somewhere and I have the need for speed. Now I can’t guarantee that I know where I am going as a matter of fact I don’t have a fricking clue so maybe following me will not be a good idea, unless you are into new places and new adventures.

So while I am merging back onto my highway I am asking what is life about? You keep hearing, we are here to serve, we have to take care of ourselves, we are here to learn, we are here just because. There are spiritual teachers that would tell you just about anything you need to hear to keep you coming back for more, more what?

When do we choose to believe what they taught us to begin with, that there is a greater force in the universe and it is leading us where we need to go of course that’s when we are moving on “our” highway. I don’t think spiritual teachings have done us a bit of good trying to get us to believe there was something we had to do, or ways we had to do it, or a specific road to take. Knowledge is power and it really is all in our minds. Read up on quantum physics and you will learn there is a greater order in the universe, that’s right people we are not in charge if we don’t want to be and yet we are in charge when we do and sometimes at the same time, freaky stuff.

I think we are here to learn and experience. What I learn that helps me through the day is something I think it is best to share. It leads to good karma and an energy flow that I can move with and not have to swim against. I think free will is the answer. Do what you desire set your intention and when you experience trouble check your motives and adjust your thinking, change lanes when necessary.

Spiritual religious leaders would have us believe there is something to fear yet it is a vast universe and to my limited knowledge there has not been a “human” being yet who has the slightest idea what is really going on. I think we need to rewind our internal clocks and monitors and do the thinking for ourselves. So I am changing lanes. I really do not want to be on your highway, no wonder the view has been so bad these last few years I was on somebody else’s road. By the way they need to resurface their road and add a few new restaurants, maybe a gift shop or two and then maybe a new town followed by…OK so I think their road needs to be closed rerouted forgotten, Guilt and shame road now closed turn ahead for renewed highway. Get back on yours and I’ll get back on mine. I can’t believe I ever got off, but I did, damn those road signs I was sure it was my exit.

So I am back on the road. It’s my highway, I made it, it’s my dream so why do I slow down behind you, you think that flashy car of yours is fooling me, my car beats your car any day, on my road…. The reason the roads are so crowded is because we all want to be on the same road, somebody said it was cool awesome popular, “the way”. It’s not. Get on your own road, make your own rules, let the wind blow the cobwebs out of your mind.

I think I will just focus on being back on the road for a while, just focus on driving, moving , going, doing. Funny I know my daughter will laugh when the better part of last few years was spent moving me from one side of the US to the other and back again. Like a rolling stone with a Uhaul under our feet, cat under the seat and a car up on a trailer. I look good behind the wheel and my life began to look better from the rear view mirror. 20/20 hind sight and all. Everything was meant to be, blah blah blah!

It’s the view ahead of me I am excited about. I would tell you about it but it’s my view from my road and I bet your view looks just as good, if not get on my road I drive so fast there’s nothing but empty lanes behind me and I have designed as many off ramps as you may need to find your way back to yours. Oh and I don’t charge for being on my road, toll booths on life highways amount to highway robbery you don’t pay someone else to be own your own road. The price you pay is found in the kind of car you drive and how that car performs, but that’s a different story! This story is a major lane change I’ll talk about my awesome car another time.

See you on the road, that’s me straight ahead…


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