Are you angry? I hate that sentence it makes me so mad. Or does it make me angry? According to the web, I searched through images for the word mad, this is someone mad.

I agree that person looks mad but he clearly is not mad. Not the kind of mad people keep saying I am, you are always so mad. But to me it feels like I am angry. Like thisPeople keep getting in my way disturbing my peace, yup that’s a  more accurate image to the angry I often feel. (Most cats can barely keep this look off their faces, stupid humans everywhere)

To be fair I grew up in angry world and saw a lot of this.

Some directed at kids, some directed at wife’s, husbands, some directed at neighbors, some directed at the sky. Someone yelling at, someone yelling to…

Of course that kind of ingrained passion sure made me a fierce mother and people never stepped in between me and my kids but some tried and they saw this!

Like many people and I would dare say most of us, deal with a level of inner frustration about life and life’s circumstances. We each put up with a lot. Somethings are very annoying! Family stuff can sure be annoying but we are loyal to each other even in anger. A good family that is….But there has to be an end to what any human has to put up with or deal with. We are after all in charge of our world, even if only in our heads. We can choose what to do, what to believe, what to say, and how to act. We can investigate things and find out the truth for ourselves. We must be our own boss and not allow ourselves to be pushed around until it’s to late and they let some monster out. That’s kind of how I looked when they wanted to put my grandson on medication or call him ‘special’. “He’s special all right he especially needs you to get out of his way and quit…” ok I need to simmer down so this monster doesn’t appear. I want to get this blog done. It’s tasking so long it’s making me mad!

So while I am contemplating just how angry I am realizing my anger really has simply masked my pain. I wasn’t so angry as I was sad, so sad it made a young girl very mad. I may have been angry a large part of my life hiding the pain I couldn’t understand but I thank the Lord I never got mad

at least not too mad!

By the way my son keeps talking about angry birds, does he meanthis! Here’s looking at you angry bird!

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