Today I am going to take Sami’s advice and just be.

Today I am going to enjoy my walk to my French class and I will not think about the wind whipping my hair in my face and across my glasses I will walk with hair in my face and just be fine about it.

Today I am just going to walk at a leisurely pace enjoying the view, watching all the people hurrying to work or play. I will not get caught up in their hustle but stay calm and free.

Today I will not be bothered by those around me who walk while asleep, it is often hard to watch, today I will bless each of them along the way.

Today I will listen to every bird I hear singing to me and I will call out, little bird, little bird in response. (you have to know me to understand this one, just know it’s fun)

Today I will just take care of a few pressing things rather than let them turn into have to and why did I wait. I am just going to do it, whatever it is!

Today I will walk with thankfulness understanding I am walking on my own legs, led by my own will living my life, Praise God!

Today I will be present in class, and present with my daughter after class, and then present with my self when I am alone again.

Today I will watch the sky, see the sun watch the clouds and be very happy about it.

Today I will ignore my family’s inability to understand me and then quit expecting them to.(Should have thought about this years ago)

Today I will not worry about my kids, or my grandson, today I will practice knowing everything is under control. (probably not mine)

Today I will love everyone and everything, (from a distance)

Today I am just going to go through the day, just to allow it to unfold, just to be ok with it.

Today at some point, maybe after finishing this, I am going to go and lie down on my floor facing the sun, eyes closed, and hope like Sami that someone will come by and rub my tummy. Knowing him he will just walk across it on his way back to his chair, where he will wait for someone to come by and rub his belly. Long live the king!

Today I am going to follow Sami’s lead. Today I am just going to be.

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