I was walking yesterday through another part of my neighborhood. It is my favorite thing when I am in a new location to walk through the neighborhood and learn all about it. This part I was in is a magical area where the houses are old and grand. It is the kind of neighborhood I dreamed of in my twenties, it represented the kind of life I wanted to give to my kids. I would walk through those neighborhoods dreaming of which house would be mine. I did it again yesterday, still wanting that life I never seemed to be able to have.

As I continued walking I realized no one was home. Like all the other neighborhoods I have desired to be a part of, those who were a part of it were almost never home. It was all manicured lawns, just right color schemes and brand new porch furniture. Beautiful flowers in beautiful pots. Breath taking views, big back yards and nobody home. I was there enjoying what they had strolling through their neighborhood, maybe they were walking through mine. Security vehicle, again, note to self, wear best walking clothes for said neighborhood…, do not stop and stare so much…

On my return I spied a path through the woods and headed down it. I am one who desires to know, where does that go? I walked down the path and instantly I was in the quiet of the woods, surround by dense growth and in the shade of huge trees. I walked down the path and realized I had already walked too far and needed to get back while I still could and turned around. The path had turned into an uphill climb with the sun whiting out the view up ahead. It was beautiful, the path told you nothing of what was up ahead but the sunshine drove you towards it. The trail was my life and the life of my family. We are all moving onto the part of the path we have seen but not ventured on.

My daughter is getting married on Sunday. Her path is being joined by another, it makes my path wider. We are lifting her up as she starts on her journey. My son lost his footing on his path earlier this week. It happens from time to time. we all step to the side as we send someone to get him, we bring him back, we lift him up. My youngest will be home, his path has leveled out, for a moment, we hold him up. A good path always has hand holds for those prone to slipping and slip we all do.

In life as family we are all on a path. Some are the way showers with lamps on their helmets, some stay close to home raising the children keeping the hearth fires burning, and some are following behind, their turn is coming. We are all on a path that we can sometimes see and sometimes not. But there is always someone who has gone up ahead and that someone may have blazed your trail so many yesterdays ago that you have had no idea that they were there. Someone puts the hand holds up, someone finds new trails and always the path can be seen when you so desire to see it. Remember the best paths are sometimes hidden.

You can most certainly bet that this path I am on is going to be well-tended, and well-lit because that is my family walking behind me and my family is much larger than you think. If you bleed red then you my friend are part of my family. Watch for the light and follow us…. the light up ahead is blinding but I know it leads to awesomeness.

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