I was walking through the neighborhood again and started out on a trail and around a bend was this small body of water. It was nearly covered with this green growth stretching across the little lake. There was a small dock so I walked out on it and as I reached the end that dock moved, it moved… after a small scream I flashed on that you tube clip of the wedding party that went in the water as the dock they were standing on gave way. For a brief moment I wondered what if that happened to me? Still water is very deceptive. Is it shallow, deep, gooey at the bottom/ Does it have live creatures, or the ever popular leeches?

After coming to a complete and utter halt not even a breath I begged the dock to hold while I backed off of it. I might have been hot but falling unannounced into water I do not know the depths of or the inhabitants of seemed a losing proposition for sure. I was not chancing any kind of water creature rendezvous. I backed out safely while uttering prayers to every being known and unknown just to keep my butt dry…

After the near miss I looked back and the water was undulating from the movement. It looked so cool I walked right back on that dock kneeling done to really get a good look. Just like a child drawn to something unknown I immediately wanted to know more. I looked around for sticks and drew in the water, letters would form and disappear moving through the algae. It was awesome. The child in me was so free and really I didn’t even notice just how taken I was with what I saw I was so in that moment, time stopped, it was so hot and the sun so hot that the shade of where I was standing kept me in place just watching and fooling around. Small birds flew in and out it was very much like being completely alone on the planet.

In my meditation was I was thinking of how much I miss having a teacher. I ask each day to be led, all that thy will be done and all. Waiting and Waiting. I was thinking I am wasting my life, nothing is happening, I am stuck here not knowing what to do, or where to go. Big loud scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knowing all along when the time is right I will know what to do just as I always have, faith people!!!

In the spiritual tradition life is a waiting game. Most of our time is taken up with the mundane tasks of life. Very few and far between or the great mystical experiences we all so desire to have. How much of my strength is built up through the days of doing nothing just being. How much of an inner life am I in touch with when I am busy in my day. Everyday can be a special day when looked through the eyes of the present moment and the gifts found in those moments. I reminded myself of the depths within me still waiting to be mined. Like that small lake with its water’s depth hidden beneath a still small layer of algae hiding the life sitting right below the surface. It is what we are, hidden depth, something we can only know when we sit in silence with ourselves. We must each mine the field in which we move and have our being.

There is so much more going on than any of us know right below the surface.

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