This too shall pass because this is only temporary. This day is only temporary, this is Wednesday July 11th and this day shall pass. And tomorrow will be another day and no matter the importance of this day or the next day these days are only temporary. She says to herself over and over again trapped on the wheel of time and plagued by a cloud of not knowing. I am lately stuck moving through time like I am swimming in thick waters.As hard as it is to swim in these waters they are my life and breathe so I must continue.

The heat of the sun and the energy of the people so tired of the heat and oh so tired of the relentlessness of their lives that they exude an almost violent aura meant to keep us out or drag us in. Whose fault is it that we are in this mess? they say without words. Where was I lied to that my path led me here and not there? The humans marching through the days and hours do not know where they are going or even why they feel the need to go. They often go nowhere at all circling the same places like caged animals waiting to escape their capture. They are like crazed animals only now aware of their cage. Am I a caged animal? But then this is only temporary and the wheels of physical time move forward with turn offs for reflection examination and frankly visualizing before the fountain of the creative mind. We are who put us here and again it is only temporary because we know this too shall pass. It always does though most of the humans are tethered to their responses replaying what hasn’t yet worked thinking repeating must be the answer, why change what is not working? It certainly is not their fault if it is not working. Enter the blame game.

The way to stop progress on the this too shall pass railway is to assume (making an ass out of u and me) that repetition is movement. Spin in a circle long enough and stop, the world continues to move. This is not movement but an excuse to sit down and ponder your mistake. Yes this too shall pass but without your effort do you believe this so? Really? A little like I’ll lose weight by taking a pill. I am rehydrating with iced coffee. There is no get out of jail card for ignorance. Innocence yes, ignorance no!

The road of this too shall pass is paved with many bright ideas and thoughts. The sun will come out, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there’ll be sun. Funny thing is there is sun today passed the clouds of your limited mind. The sun shines relentlessly trying to get our attention reminding us that this to shall pass. Just like the day passes into the night the spring into summer. The energy movement of our spiritual maturity is but a breath away and in that moment is the revelation that yes this too shall pass, praise God! I let it go so it can pass and I know the sun will come out tomorrow wether I can physically see it or not. To pretend otherwise leaves the wisdom teachings in the books they were written in rather than on the lining of my heart where they are etched.

The only moment is the present moment. This moment and this next one and again this moment shall pass. The greatest gift we give ourselves is complete faith in the unknowable tomorrow. Be still and know that I am God. It says it all. In this moment is God, in the next moment is God, and so yes this too shall pass. As it passes it will blow through us like the breath of God it is. Strong and powerful and very mysterious and we will often not know from where it blows or why. But we can rest assured that this too shall pass and each moment is both eternal and when marked on a physical clock only temporary.

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