Dear World,

I am very disappointed today by recent events. There has been way to much violence in the news and on social media. The level of hatred towards others on the planet makes my heart hurt. Can you not feel that your ignorance and lack of information being a problem for you? Why is it that your world view has to be so small and so narrow? Yes, I am talking to all of you. If someone does not talk about this you people will continue to think what you do does not matter and who you do it to matters even less.

We are all in this together. No matter how rich the rich get many still separate themselves from responsibility towards those less fortunate than they are. The pop stars and sports stars have so much that a token of their bounty could be shared with the schools that helped them or the communities they grew up in. I know lots do, most don’t, and many who make money here head out to other places you know just to make the billions go farther. So many good souled people think that helping those outside our borders has become more important than helping the children that live within our own. Our people are starving, have no clean water, no shelter and no food. Our children need more from us, they need good schools, good communities. It is a tragedy to me, why not to others?

We as people, voted for ourselves and our comforts over those whose lives that are put in jeopardy for the satisfaction of our needs. We step on people’s toes and lives to get what we want. The more we do it the more it is done and the wheel of life goes round and round. Right now there are people in our country who would vote a billionaire into public office because the president didn’t do what he could, said you, No one can put a house in order that has been allowed to be in disorder for so long. No person climbs out of debt in a day or year it took me 5 1/2. War has never been the answer to anything. Are we ever going to evolve?

We as a country have been the laughing-stock of the world, that is not funny to me…. There is no one race that should be a laughing-stock to another. All of our countries would unite if some alien race came and tried to take over but put a foreigner in your neighborhood you figure they need to get the hell out and a huge divide would erupt. We are not united as a people we are divided.  Wouldn’t it be a better place if we could pin point the one race that is causing all the problems, like a bad algae on the lake it could be done away with and boom, all is well with the world. And then hell would be frozen over and taxes no more! World I am tired of the stupidity. I am tired of the people not being able to discern that after all these years of death and birth there is still no understanding that we all bleed red, we all die(physically), we all want to be loved, yet you are a nobody, you are less than a nobody, because of, sexual orientation, race, belief, color, creed, money, really people, stilllllllllllll.

People of the world let’s try to believe in something again, I have a better idea why don’t we start believing in each other again.

Planet World I feel your pain as the humans have torn your skin, dig stupid holes in you and shoot stuff into you, take everything there is to take, give almost nothing back, then stand around and boo hoo when you start throwing us around. If I were you I would have thrown these humans off a long time ago, you have so much more patience than I. But World I do sometimes see evidence of those new humans who know that life is a precious gift and all of our lives are important, every life. And Planet World once you are done knocking some of us off, burning us out, drowning us out, we will start again and I swear the next time we will try harder to keep our eye on the prize. A beautiful life on a beautiful planet surrounded by people of every color and designation for a vibrantly cool existence.

World It is time to Thrive!



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