Get a new perspective

Get a new perspective

As humans we are very caught up in our human-ness. When I talk to people and they are explaining what is wrong, what’s going on, or who it is that they are blaming for their current issue, I hear nothing but limited thinking. When you get so stuck in your small world problems and the light of opportunity comes to you very often you can’t see it for looking at a tree rather than the forest you are standing in.

The most powerful teaching is in the knowledge that everything is happening for a reason and sometime that reason is to kick your asleep ass awake. Why is it that every single thing that happens you assume is happening to you personally? Who told you that? Now the law of cause and effect does put you in the driver’s seat of life, as you act and respond so the world will act and respond back. Every move, every thought comes back to you, most often in ways you do not realize. It’s a cause and effect world baby. That is until you have a bigger picture then you can see the Divine at work.  Just as I wrote in my blog yesterday about how the conversation I had with my Dad opened my eyes to what I was not seeing in my own world. If I heard the conversation with just my human daughter ears I would never speak to him again. What good is that? Why be mad at the fact God is trying to get a point across and will use what means are available to get the message to me. That is a blessing!

We as humans are lost in blaming anything and everything when we need to stand up. Parents are sitting down on the job with their children because it is to hard and they wonder why the universe has sat down for them. Cause and effect. Stand up take responsibility and watch how things change. Taking responsibility for your life and actions is the most freeing thing you can do. We are wasting our energy and our breath with blaming things. The power sits in us and it is us who drop the ball.

I live on the 31st floor I see all kinds of things from here. It’s a great perspective and is a constant reminder that when I get bogged down in the smallness of my thinking I must in that moment remember that from a higher perspective everything is different. If you knew that the breakup that nearly broke your heart in pieces would eventually lead you to the partner of your dreams it wouldn’t seem so bad then. If you knew that losing your job or house your everything cleared the deck for a new life you would never have conceived of, again, awesome, and yes God is great!

I spent 4 years of my life sick, in and out of bed, pain out the ass. I could curse the loss of those years or I could tell you that as I came near death I realized that my children and their well-being became the only thing I wanted to live for. My ego driven life with my poor me and how could all this bad be happening to me, no it put what was important right in front of me, I was here to serve not to continue being a victim to my life. It taught the measure of strength that resides in me. This I needed to know and because of that I can handle nearly anything.

Yes I am human and fall down like everyone else. But as soon as the blame game tries to show up I get into the plane in my head and find a new perspective for what I am looking at. I am a far more powerful human when I reach for a greater view, when I put my spiritual teachings into practice rather than writing platitudes for the masses on social media web sites. Just because you say you have faith doesn’t make you a faith filled person. Living like a person who has faith does!

Plenty of people can talk the talk, believe me humans can talk but the times we are in right now are for those who walk the walk. These people often speak very little their actions do all the talking for them. They are walking the path others can only talk about. Those who walk the walk have their eyes in the clouds so they can see what others refuse to see. They are the teachers and the leaders of the next world.

Next time an issue has you stopped in your tracks get on the plane in your head and try to look at it from a different and more open perspective. Everything looks different from the air and then share your perspective. Help those in your family to not get so bogged down in blaming and lets all get back to living. Get your perspective from up in the air the view is awesome from up here.

Laughing to myself

“No one is ever more him/herself than when they really laugh. Their defenses are down. It’s very Zen-like, that moment. They are completely open, completely themselves when that message hits the brain and the laugh begins. That’s when new ideas can be implanted. If a new idea slips in at that moment, it has a chance to grow.”
George Carlin, Last Words

Like they say if I am not laughing I would be crying. I laugh a lot.

I just had my birthday, the big 51, death is around the corner, drama, aging, who the f**k cares about that. I see humans everyday so obsessed with things that are of no importance at all. They are so busy that when knowledge and wisdom come knocking they become very busy in their lives and don’t answer the call. Believe me these people are not laughing. During these last 3 years knowledge and wisdom has continued to come to me though I am sitting on my ass doing nothing or so I thought. I was learning reading but I was also sitting on my ass not laughing too much at all. It was the day before my birthday when the energy of the trap I set for myself finally moved and I burst out laughing. Let me explain…

After my divorce, the death of my Mom, the loss of my teacher, the loss of everything I held dear I sat down. I told God that since I didn’t seem capable of not blowing up my life by allowing the wrong people in or doing the wrong thing or the I must be a dumb ass for trusting anybody at all, I felt like I was incapable of moving forward on my path unaided. I lost my teacher, my mom, I had made God mad some how. I had no one talk to any more so I sat down. I looked to the heavens and told God I wouldn’t do a thing until I felt lead. So I sat down and I waited on God. On that day God turned his back to me because it was in that moment that I had made my mistake. Not before.

Walking in faith is the knowledge that everything is happening as it is and is ordained by the orderly God in charge universe. Everything that happened was supposed to happen. There was no other way around it. The growth of those experiences have been paramount to what is going on in my life now, I just didn’t know it. I stopped laughing and Life got pretty fricking serious. I was still doing my spiritual work, my writing but as far as taking a step forward I wasn’t doing that. I thought I was waiting for something. Fast forward to the day before my birthday and a particularly hard time with some family issues and lots of sadness, I called my Dad, oops..

My Dad is not a fan of my spiritual search and felt the betrayals I suffered should have been enough for me to understand I was standing on the wrong side of that argument. His love for me and desire for my safety had him talking in a way I am not so cool with but hey he’s old school and of the mind that parents know lots and us kids need to know when to listen. Well I heard him loud and clear and as I realized what he had said that stuck in my craw I nearly laughed my ass off. As he was explaining loudly his view of what I needed to do or not do he screamed, Do something! There it was, nearly 3 years after I told God I wouldn’t move a muscle without his permission and expressed desire, God used my father’s rather scary voice to tell me to get up and do something.

There is no growth without movement. Even when you think God has his back to you he/she is shoving stuff in your path just to keep you going. I had no idea. The books I had been reading were all leading back to the awareness that God had given us precious power that could be harnessed to change everything. Every moment of those 3 years I was moving and at light speed. Awareness changes how we look at life and our place in it. There is no more time for sitting down. Those who have knowledge and light within themselves need to be the lighthouses that shine on for those who are lost and searching. I have been searching for truth for so long and am packed with information but it is shining my light that the information moves into everyone not sitting. (You got a question yo I’ll solve it, check out the hook while the DJ revolves it, ice ice babee). I am answering questions all of the time.

What good is wisdom for me or you if our family is suffering? What good is information from a book if the book sits on a shelf? Knowledge is action and power. Experience is valuable much more than money and gold. I have so much more than almost everybody I am so blessed and I thought sitting down was the answer. The greater my light the greater my lights ability to move into those who hunger for the light. As I move the light moves, God does with it as he wills. But if I am sitting down hiding from the world then my light lights one room, one soul. When I move my light it quickens those who are ready. The lighthouses stationed throughout our world can then do their work. The light will lead people to churches and synagogues, to spiritual teachers, back to their homes and families will be reunited. They will look to those whose eyes tell the story of their wisdom.

You will know when you run into such a person but they will not necessarily say anything it will just be an exchange of light from one lighthouse to another. The light is looking where to go. So many lighthouses are needed to heed the call. It is why the Buddha smiles he knows and wants you to know. It is why smiling is so good and laughter so much better, the energy of light moves like that in a twinkle of an eye. The upturn of a smile reveals the innate knowledge that while we wallow in our oh my God while has thou forsaken me, the great spiritual teachers are laughing because they already know.  God is waiting on us to be the lighthouse we promised to be.

This is a call for all lighthouses. The light you are searching for is within you and when you stopped laughing you stopped feeling it. So many people are so serious, so bogged down. People laughter brings in the light. Laughter lights up your face and everyone wants to be near such a bright light, just like moths to a flame. It’s time to laugh even when it seems so serious and scary out there. Be safe in the knowledge that God is in charge and everything is at it is. When life gets hard hold to your center and you will know what to do. Search for knowledge and wisdom for you and your family above all smile, laugh and be free. I’ll be over at the next table shining my lighthouse and laughing my buns off feel free to have a seat.




I dreamed a dream

I dreamed a dream

I dreamed a dream that I was fish in a pond.

I am a large fish because my spirit is large yet I swim without a care.

I swim in waters that do not scare me and though I never know where I am, I know I am where I am supposed to be.

I feel the water as I float through it. I feel the water like I feel myself. The water slides around and through me it bothers me not it is here to serve me and my needs. I have no need to ask for anything. Everything is right here.

I swim with others that are like me but they are not me yet maybe they are. I know who I am so it matters not to me who they are or who they think they are. Sometimes there are a lot of us swimming sometimes just a few, it doesn’t matter to me. Sometimes there is a threat to our safety sometimes not, it doesn’t matter to me.

I give birth to others like me yet I have no care for them, that job is for somebody else, I must swim. I may provide something for them, these my eggs, my being, my self, but I will swim away and think not of it. I will let all my children die if it must be that way. If I have laid them somewhere unsafe, it must be that they were food. It is not for me to say and I could do nothing about it any way. I am just a fish.

I am a fish and one night I had a dream.

I dreamed a dream that I was a human born into a family something I do not understand. There was all of this pain. Why all of these feelings of loneliness and discomfort? Why are needs so hard to meet? What happened to the simplicity of my life? I swam and did not have a care and now all of this pain.

I dream of being a fully grown female human and next to me our my children and I sense that they are in pain. I feel it inside of me something I did not feel as a fish. What is this thing in my chest that causes so much pain. Can it be removed taken out, is everyone suffering like this everywhere? How do these humans do it? All of this suffering. You can’t just shut it out. I can’t go deep into the sea where it is so quiet I am here where it is so loud. What happened? Who put me here? Is this the hell I learned of so long ago.

I continue to dream I am human and the dream changes. I feel the fishiness of my being. A fish lives life right now, a human can live for now or later or never or always, so many choices. As a fish I did my own thing I thought of no one or anything. Though I knew my food was always around I knew not how. This night as I sleep dreaming of my human self the experience is different. I know nothing. I know fear and lack and pain. I do not like being human at all, what a stupid idea to be forced to have such horrible experiences I would rather be a fish and be eaten than suffer the way humans who think suffer. How can a human not suffer when through the breath alone you can feel the suffering of everything around you. No I do not like being human at all.

I wake a fish, oh how glorious the forgetting. Yet I sleep again.

Again, I dream I am human. This time upon realizing I am human I squeeze back the fear to see around me to the other humans who are doing it, you know being human. I see my children around me and I watch myself this time. I see that I feel the pain around me but I am aware of something I did not notice the first time I had my dream. This human when suffering reached for her chest and rubbed the spot of pain, they call it the heart and according to legend the heart is the seat of their creator. The rubbing is a call for help knowledge that suffering is a way to the heart, something many others humans have forgotten. What makes the humans human is the heart. Though the fish and others like the fish have a heart for pumping it is not like the heart within the human.

This heart makes the human reach for her children and hold them tight to her though she knows the pain this act will cause. She has no caring for her own self. She will step in front of trains. She will climb the highest mountains. She will willingly accept what ever is asked to tend to her children. She will spare no expense she will waste no time. She will not go quietly into the still night, this human will call out to her God and she will demand the moving of mountains, the destruction of worlds. NO this human will not be stopped. It is as if she has no idea how small she is in this world ocean of people everywhere. How does she know that her God even hears her? Does she care? Can she care?

When the fish has this thought it is the human who responds. I am as you fish I swim in an ocean not of water but of air. I swim through a current of Divinity though my brothers and sister see it not. I am a human filled with forgetting and held by a hand that cares not of my remembering. Unlike you fish who swims in the sea moved by a current not of your making I move through a vast stream of life pushed by my free will and with right knowledge I can guide where I go. Though I am human and it looks like we forget ourselves as you fish do my awareness of the hand that guides me gives me peace. My life looks hard to you but my heart makes my life beautiful to me. Suffering or not to know my God is to know the smile on children’s faces.

I am a fish that swims in a pond so nicely taken care of yet in the night I dream a dream of a human who has a mighty spirit and that mighty spirit has a big dream.


The Work of Women

I am getting worn out looking and watching the world. It is amazing to me the amount of pain I see everywhere I look. Everyone is angry or upset or lost in some type of drug induced stupor. What happened to our world? It seems the heat of this summer is reflecting a much deeper problem than just “it’s hot outside”. This fire burning through the world is the heat of transformation no doubt, if something has been needing attention this heat brings it right to the surface. All things hidden will be revealed and weakness will not be an answer. For me the worse of it is in the breakdown of the family structure and the lack of direction within a lot of families. In the end I as a women look to us, us women. Where did we go wrong?
I am on a vacation with my eldest son, his wife and my grandson. In Florida in this heat! It has been hot in Minneasota so it hasn’t been so far off but put this kind of situation in a pressure cooker and my God things are going to burn. As a bipolar person my son has a disadvantage right away in crowds, with being contained, he is like a wild animal he needs lots of room. As we are sharing a suite I get to see and hear things I would not normally have to hear. How they function as a unit, whose job is what and how they manage their lives. For most people this sentence is nothing for me this information told me a lot of myself and how my past has affected how my son sees the roles of life partners. How his wife’s loss of her family structure affected her ability to understand the roles of life partners. It is a freaking mess!
My guess is their are many parents in a world of hurt because of the nature of their relationships and their complete lack of understanding of just how important the role of each member is. But let me say this, I believe that women need to pick back up the ball and we need to move this world forward. We as women are the leaders of the ” home ” how ever you define home. It is the woman who sets the tone to the home and it is the woman who creates the foundation of comfort and love. We are the strength of heart to move unfeeling men back to their center and overbearing men back to their softer self. When women act as buffaloes men run, no one likes a buffalo. But over and over again I hear women just ragging on about what they like and don’t like yeah again men hate that! Women will threaten their children their husbands and anyone within earshot and do nothing at all but run their mouths. Where are the women who realize their power and why aren’t they more vocal?
I have become so tired of it. I see women who refuse to age with any kind of grace. Let’s make the very thing that is going to happen, getting old, pretend like we can out run it and make everyone feel bad the entire way. Why is it that people are so impressed by looks, where is the desire for wisdom? Is it still a mystery that we are going to age and isn’t being alive better than being miserable about it.
We have become so obsessed with crap that is meaningless that the children on the planet are suffering because of it. We were at a restaurant last night and every table you looked at with children they were either head down over a devise or earplugs in, no communication at all. On a plane, in a car, we have moved from a television babysitter to an every minute electronics devise babysitter. We wonder what is going wrong. How do we develop people skills when everyone stops speaking audible language and it becomes simply an exchange of electronic data, stay plugged in who cares about life, real life that is.
I believe because we as women are creators that our responsibility needs to be focused on that which we create. We create our children we create our families, we need to step up and create peace. When the women on the planet can establish their own centers,and focus on that which is greater than our small human selves, things will turn around. We need to stop just taking it by running our mouths and we need to do the work. We women need to be spending enough time with our selves so that we can give the right kind of time to our families. When women become pill poppers because their lives are to hard to handle there is a breakdown on this planet somewhere and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Weakness is a choice, sorry ladies but it is. There will never be an excuse strong enough to make me believe that being weak is an answer of any kind. Raising children is hard work, being in a love relationship is hard work, having a family a house responsibilities it is all hard work. But the importance of this work is found in the face of our children and in the pain in our families?
We need to get to work. And let me tell you there is a lot of work to do.
The shortest bible verse “Jesus wept” I get it. When I look around and see what I see, when I hear what I hear, Leanne weeps!

all learned when we