The Work of Women

I am getting worn out looking and watching the world. It is amazing to me the amount of pain I see everywhere I look. Everyone is angry or upset or lost in some type of drug induced stupor. What happened to our world? It seems the heat of this summer is reflecting a much deeper problem than just “it’s hot outside”. This fire burning through the world is the heat of transformation no doubt, if something has been needing attention this heat brings it right to the surface. All things hidden will be revealed and weakness will not be an answer. For me the worse of it is in the breakdown of the family structure and the lack of direction within a lot of families. In the end I as a women look to us, us women. Where did we go wrong?
I am on a vacation with my eldest son, his wife and my grandson. In Florida in this heat! It has been hot in Minneasota so it hasn’t been so far off but put this kind of situation in a pressure cooker and my God things are going to burn. As a bipolar person my son has a disadvantage right away in crowds, with being contained, he is like a wild animal he needs lots of room. As we are sharing a suite I get to see and hear things I would not normally have to hear. How they function as a unit, whose job is what and how they manage their lives. For most people this sentence is nothing for me this information told me a lot of myself and how my past has affected how my son sees the roles of life partners. How his wife’s loss of her family structure affected her ability to understand the roles of life partners. It is a freaking mess!
My guess is their are many parents in a world of hurt because of the nature of their relationships and their complete lack of understanding of just how important the role of each member is. But let me say this, I believe that women need to pick back up the ball and we need to move this world forward. We as women are the leaders of the ” home ” how ever you define home. It is the woman who sets the tone to the home and it is the woman who creates the foundation of comfort and love. We are the strength of heart to move unfeeling men back to their center and overbearing men back to their softer self. When women act as buffaloes men run, no one likes a buffalo. But over and over again I hear women just ragging on about what they like and don’t like yeah again men hate that! Women will threaten their children their husbands and anyone within earshot and do nothing at all but run their mouths. Where are the women who realize their power and why aren’t they more vocal?
I have become so tired of it. I see women who refuse to age with any kind of grace. Let’s make the very thing that is going to happen, getting old, pretend like we can out run it and make everyone feel bad the entire way. Why is it that people are so impressed by looks, where is the desire for wisdom? Is it still a mystery that we are going to age and isn’t being alive better than being miserable about it.
We have become so obsessed with crap that is meaningless that the children on the planet are suffering because of it. We were at a restaurant last night and every table you looked at with children they were either head down over a devise or earplugs in, no communication at all. On a plane, in a car, we have moved from a television babysitter to an every minute electronics devise babysitter. We wonder what is going wrong. How do we develop people skills when everyone stops speaking audible language and it becomes simply an exchange of electronic data, stay plugged in who cares about life, real life that is.
I believe because we as women are creators that our responsibility needs to be focused on that which we create. We create our children we create our families, we need to step up and create peace. When the women on the planet can establish their own centers,and focus on that which is greater than our small human selves, things will turn around. We need to stop just taking it by running our mouths and we need to do the work. We women need to be spending enough time with our selves so that we can give the right kind of time to our families. When women become pill poppers because their lives are to hard to handle there is a breakdown on this planet somewhere and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Weakness is a choice, sorry ladies but it is. There will never be an excuse strong enough to make me believe that being weak is an answer of any kind. Raising children is hard work, being in a love relationship is hard work, having a family a house responsibilities it is all hard work. But the importance of this work is found in the face of our children and in the pain in our families?
We need to get to work. And let me tell you there is a lot of work to do.
The shortest bible verse “Jesus wept” I get it. When I look around and see what I see, when I hear what I hear, Leanne weeps!

all learned when we

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