As humans we are very caught up in our human-ness. When I talk to people and they are explaining what is wrong, what’s going on, or who it is that they are blaming for their current issue, I hear nothing but limited thinking. When you get so stuck in your small world problems and the light of opportunity comes to you very often you can’t see it for looking at a tree rather than the forest you are standing in.

The most powerful teaching is in the knowledge that everything is happening for a reason and sometime that reason is to kick your asleep ass awake. Why is it that every single thing that happens you assume is happening to you personally? Who told you that? Now the law of cause and effect does put you in the driver’s seat of life, as you act and respond so the world will act and respond back. Every move, every thought comes back to you, most often in ways you do not realize. It’s a cause and effect world baby. That is until you have a bigger picture then you can see the Divine at work.  Just as I wrote in my blog yesterday about how the conversation I had with my Dad opened my eyes to what I was not seeing in my own world. If I heard the conversation with just my human daughter ears I would never speak to him again. What good is that? Why be mad at the fact God is trying to get a point across and will use what means are available to get the message to me. That is a blessing!

We as humans are lost in blaming anything and everything when we need to stand up. Parents are sitting down on the job with their children because it is to hard and they wonder why the universe has sat down for them. Cause and effect. Stand up take responsibility and watch how things change. Taking responsibility for your life and actions is the most freeing thing you can do. We are wasting our energy and our breath with blaming things. The power sits in us and it is us who drop the ball.

I live on the 31st floor I see all kinds of things from here. It’s a great perspective and is a constant reminder that when I get bogged down in the smallness of my thinking I must in that moment remember that from a higher perspective everything is different. If you knew that the breakup that nearly broke your heart in pieces would eventually lead you to the partner of your dreams it wouldn’t seem so bad then. If you knew that losing your job or house your everything cleared the deck for a new life you would never have conceived of, again, awesome, and yes God is great!

I spent 4 years of my life sick, in and out of bed, pain out the ass. I could curse the loss of those years or I could tell you that as I came near death I realized that my children and their well-being became the only thing I wanted to live for. My ego driven life with my poor me and how could all this bad be happening to me, no it put what was important right in front of me, I was here to serve not to continue being a victim to my life. It taught the measure of strength that resides in me. This I needed to know and because of that I can handle nearly anything.

Yes I am human and fall down like everyone else. But as soon as the blame game tries to show up I get into the plane in my head and find a new perspective for what I am looking at. I am a far more powerful human when I reach for a greater view, when I put my spiritual teachings into practice rather than writing platitudes for the masses on social media web sites. Just because you say you have faith doesn’t make you a faith filled person. Living like a person who has faith does!

Plenty of people can talk the talk, believe me humans can talk but the times we are in right now are for those who walk the walk. These people often speak very little their actions do all the talking for them. They are walking the path others can only talk about. Those who walk the walk have their eyes in the clouds so they can see what others refuse to see. They are the teachers and the leaders of the next world.

Next time an issue has you stopped in your tracks get on the plane in your head and try to look at it from a different and more open perspective. Everything looks different from the air and then share your perspective. Help those in your family to not get so bogged down in blaming and lets all get back to living. Get your perspective from up in the air the view is awesome from up here.

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