Stand up

I am sitting in another town trying to decide on the turn I feel coming up on my path. Most of my adult life if I change my driver’s license to match my address I will move soon after that. This last time I didn’t even think about it until I got my new license in the mail and as I looked at it I knew I would be moving, again.
I have moved a lot in this last 3 years. Obviously I am looking for something or running from something, that’s not it, running to something, maybe that’s it, I am certainly not running to someone and I have quit running away from someone else. I am getting tired of this present stage of things. The waiting room of life has gotten stale and boring, what the hell do I want and why the hell don’t I know. Said with as much I am so frustrated as I can get into words. Sound familiar?
My guess is those not on the hamster wheel of life are feeling the same thing. Half the world is asleep and not paying any attention and others are simply looking for ways to make a dollar at someone’s expense and there are the noble ones lost thinking anyone is listening to wisdom anymore. How do you teach people who have more fun being miserable and complaining about it. News flash self-improvement is hard work and can’t be done with a pill, sorry drug companies. I think the only answer is doing the internal work to change your thinking but that seems like a pipe dream in a society hell-bent on having a good time or whining about the bad times, no one doing anything, just talk, talk, talk.
Every morning the sun comes up a sign of hope for me that this stage is almost over and the whatever I feel in my craw will make itself known. I have to say it is frustrating. Right now I feel a general unrest, people are unhappy and really don’t know what to do. It is hard for people to stay centered and it seems avoidance has become a real choice, people really, I keep hoping that we will see the grace in maturity. The ability to look on someone younger and know their story and know that their plight is just a step on the road of life and by the way the road of life is like a roller coaster ride, you can’t see the drops until your strapped in with no choice but to fall.
Life is hard there is no doubt. I wouldn’t want to go through anything I have gone through if I had had a choice but my life wouldn’t be where it is if I hadn’t. We scorn hard experiences yet it is the hard experiences that mark our road of life and in many instances it separates the girls from the boys and the women from the men. When we look for leadership it is from those who have walked the path of difficulty and didn’t do it with a of poor me attitude. Sorry people but it is time to stand up, grow up and do what you need to do. I am tired of the adults on this planet standing in line for the get out of life card, hey none of us want life to be hard but some of us don’t get to sit down when it is. Are you standing up or sitting down?
There is nothing new going on we haven’t in our evolution had to do before. When the time for change is on people change, those that don’t take off to other lands, without their bodies, it will always be a survival of the fittest kind of thing. You are either going to change and rise up to be a part of the new world or you will be left behind on this level of who has more, who can take more and the ever popular who can be the biggest asshole.
The women on the planet are on the rise, finally! We have waited for far to long to stand up and take back our families, our towns, our countries, and then we are coming after the planet. The women are going to stand up and be who they need to be for their families. It has to do with power, self empowerment and the uplifting of our people it will not have anything to do with how much you weigh or how “pretty” you are. Our beauty will be measured in just how awesome we are.
I am awesome hear me roar. Now, let me hear you roar!

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