Sense of smell


I was walking down the hall of the new building when I came upon a smell. It held me at a stand still while my brain went through its scent’s inventory trying to identify where the memory was coming from. What did that smell remind me of?
It must have been important because in an instant I was transported to a time and place I couldn’t remember but I knew it just by the feel of it. It was very familiar and it was connected to that smell.
What was it? It was just on the tip of my mind, I could just about reach it, what was that smell?
Ah yes, I remember now…it was just a smell, yeah I remember now…
It was him, my lost love…
I remembered full force what that smell was linked to and I was like a jet engine on reverse trying to get the thought to stop. Oh the mind and it’s wicked ways to make us remember feelings long thought buried just to have them return in an instant. Any smell can transport us back and forth trough time and memories both good and bad. No need to linger, unless the memory is sweet. He is gone but for an instant he was there and I had to wonder how I felt about that?
All over a smell in the hallway. Next it will be a song on the radio she said reaching to turn off the radio, enough remembering for today…

2 thoughts on “Sense of smell

  1. The mind is an interesting thing and our ability and drive to go through emotional events in order to receive healing is an important part of our spiritual journey. I think that is what this moment was for me. Smells trigger memories for me and that smell was him, maybe he was thinking of me at that moment who knows, but the energy of the moment was of an old love and in that moment I experienced the pain and the pleasure of the memory of him.

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