Smart Asses

Ok, I get it, all the world is a stage but some people just need to get off the said stage. I am so tired of smart ass remarks. I swear Jerry Seinfeld ruined everything by creating smart asses across the world and now they are torturing us all with their pithy statements. I say get over yourself and lets move on. There is nothing that sends me through the proverbial roof than a smart ass response to my every question. Really, is that helpful?

I am standing in front of a reception desk making an appointment for a massage, “how’s it looking?” I say, “looks like a computer screen,” says pithy smart ass person. Really? Asking a massage therapist, “Do you feel that in my neck?” “It feels like a neck” says smart ass therapist. Really? “So how do you feel about my eating meat?” a question asked of a nutritionist on site, I don’t feel anything about your eating meat.” Really? that’s an answer. I am not 20 years old or impressed by a person’s ability to make a wise ass remark at my expense, or anyone’s. I frankly find it offensive.

So is it a sign of success when you can say a pithy saying, or get away with embarrassing someone with your blatantly smart ass remark? I think we have gone so far away from our center of loving kindness that even in a place that throws the word mindfulness around I am surrounded by smart ass people enjoying their own senseless humor.

Don’t get me wrong I love a good laugh. I think humor is awesome. What I am advocating is a f*(king moratorium on smart ass behavior from the professional world of wellness teachers, that’s me being nice calling them that. Humans every where are looking for help, face it most of us are in a world of hurt and looking for true help. What we do not need is smart ass I am better than you bull shit behavior from someone whose very job is to offer support. There is nothing funny about a smart ass comment made in front of a group at anyone’s expense especially when it goes over their head and others are laughing. It’s not funny and frankly very karmic.

A smart ass is not a comedian though they often think they are. Some of the responsibility lies with us as consumers and those who are paying these people to be a smart ass in our presence. I ask the said smart ass therapist if he knew what I was talking about, if he had the experience to understand neck issues, how long had he been doing massage, was there someone else who I could talk to, yah, he back stepped and back stepped over his stupid comment assuring me he was indeed a professional. He might not make that mistake again, he was pretty red in the face.

I am definitely past the place of needing people to like me. I say do your damn job…If I desire a round of smart ass humor I will watch a rerun of Seinfeld and I am good enough at it myself I surely do not need you to add your 2 cents. Dumb ass thinks he’s a smart ass, now I am being a smart ass, see how it works. Its destructive and not helpful. Back to your lives people and for crying out loud get off the world stage.

Whew, how was that for a piece of my mind? Smart Asses beware!



Keeping silent

I love this image it is so telling about the notion of keeping silent. Keeping silent like in the picture can seem like something negative, tape over the mouth, do not talk. Equally for me is the image of her awareness of the power and choice of when to keep her silence or use her words.

In the spiritual tradition there is power in the throat center and a person can push a lot of that power around with their words. We all know how someone can destroy lives with their speech as most of us have been hurt by the stupid words spewed in our direction. Our speech can also be used to help and heal. A kind word to someone at the right time can change everything.

Keeping silent will give you the awareness of how you use or abuse your own language. Nobody wants to be seen as someone who hurts people by what they say. “I was just kidding” as they sting the hell out of you with their barb or the ever popular “you are just to sensitive”. If you have to explain yourself all the time yah, your words aren’t working! We also waste a lot of energy talking talking talking, without ever saying a word. All that talking does not make you wise. Become mindful about what you say and how you say it, it is a wonderful spiritual exercise. Keeping silent is even more powerful. As I move through my own spiritual transformation I have and am still learning about the power of silence.

All things work as vibration. The voice is us directing our vibration and as it moves away from us it affects all that is in its path. That is me as a mother or teacher I use my voice to direct those around me. Keeping silent is watching how the energy moves around you, and paying attention to what the energy around you is doing. This man is manipulating you, this teacher is lying to you, this child is not being truthful, this person is not buying what I am saying at all. Keeping silent opens a door that talking tends to keep shut.

Keeping silent allows you to really hear people when they talk because another thing most of us know is that rare is the person who feels comfortable enough to really share their inner most being. Most will say what either gets them attention, sympathy, or an audience. Keeping silent also allows you to know when someone is keeping silent around you when they have a whole lot of talking to do and they are not doing it, they are hiding on the banks of de-nile.

Keeping silent is an act of power. Keeping your silence about an issue of necessity is not. I am sick, you tell no one, I need help, and you tell no one, I saw him do that, you keep silent, I know she did that, you keep silent. I know that is happening, you keep silent. I wish I knew the answer and you say nothing. Keeping your silence does not remove you from the responsibility of speaking up. Those who do not know, need our help. Remember telling someone to keep their mouth shut can be just as necessary.

The mastery of the subject comes as more and more time is spent in keeping silent. Learning when it is right to speak and not being reactive in our speech. Keeping silent is a meditation in listening and awareness.

Keeping silent allows grace to move through you and settles your energy. Practice keeping silent as the holiday approaches. This is a difficult season for a lot of people. As you learn to listen more you will learn where your soothing words may be needed or stern words for those losing their way.

Sound is the mother of light. When God created everything it was through the word. What we never think about is the power of the silence before God ever uttered the words, Let there be light. That was God keeping silent while thinking of birthing us all. Now I am going to go and keep silent for awhile.

What did you say?

Interesting morning I thought I would share. I am still at the spiritual retreat and now spending more time by myself as the lines have been drawn and I know what I need to do. Yesterday was a low energy day I didn’t feel very well and did almost nothing but meditate. Lots of people are leaving today so the energy of the place is going to change from being a spot for those who need to be seen to a place for those who are searching.

One of those leaving is the a ‘spiritual’ healer/teacher who said a stupid thing to me and has for the last 3 days tried to take it back without seeming like that is what is going on. At the initial meeting she told me that I didn’t have a meditation or prayer practice that she could work with and of course if I went to her web site and hit a button she would teach me to meditate, correctly of course and then I could come to her weekend intensive for greater instruction and then, brace yourself, I would be invited to her private facebook page, loud gasp, really, me, you would invite me…

Yah I don’t buy these kind of words anymore and nothing sends me out a door faster than I can do something for you, because as she reminded me, I can’t do it myself, I need a teacher with great power to help me. This woman had no idea who she was in front of. She put me on the table so I could see first hand her methods and how it would work, whoops I saw too much, I let her give me her spiel and left. As I was leaving she told me how wonderful I looked how integrated my mind and body were now. Look what she was able to do for me, hmmm. Me, I smile and nod, why bust her bubble of ignorance.

As a student and teacher myself I happen to know that the universe, God, whatever you call it does all healing work. Any healer is actually a facilitator for the energy of the Divine. They might be manipulating, channeling energy for their work but the energy used does not come from them and nor would they claim that it did. All healing and energy used for spiritual work comes from a source outside the human being though it may channel through the body, like hands on healing. Anyone who claims to be a healer know this, it is not a question, all things come from God all things are moving towards God. If a teacher/healer says different, back out of the room, karma is going to be flying around.

Awww, the ego. She soooo wanted me to buy into what she said that every time I turned around she has been right there in front of me. Now in this place the ‘teachers’ don’t walk amongst the students, come on they need their space, so seeing her outside of the classroom was rare. I knew something had to be going on. I had no need to tell her what I knew, I could careless, but she needed me to know she knew more than me.”You look great still so integrated. I think tonight’s class will really help you.” she says earnestly. Me, I smile and nod, other people approaching so I can walk away and I did not go to the class.

Next morning I felt like shit. I spent all day working that out. I saw her at dinner, She walks over to me, “you look great, so integrated.” I would see her husband, “oh you are vibrating so much light”, they were in it together.

This morning I woke up and felt great. It was a beautiful morning I was on top of the world. Everyday I don’t have pain or discomfort is a great day. I am reading the NY Sunday times, (so every minute can’t be spiritual), life is good. I thought they had gone last night when while at breakfast me sitting with a big smile I look up and there she is. I smile and before I can say a word, “you look great” before she can finish her thought, I say ” I feel great, yesterday was a rough day but today I feel great”, and she says before I can acknowledge it, “I did that for you, oh and I hope you will be at the intensive it will help you so much. Be sure and let me know you are there so I can greet you personally”

She just took credit for the work I did the day before fixing what I had allow her to do to me. I couldn’t believe it. I just smiled and nodded as she checked who was around her listening, her audience. She leaves and all I can think is, “What did she just say?” Aww the human ego alive and well deeply embedded in most spiritual teachers. I’ve been laughing all morning.


I am on this 12 day spiritual retreat and I was going to focus on the foundational laws of right spiritual work, and now there is no point. Right now I am working on holding my hope for humanity.

This spiritual retreat is filled with people who if you ask all have special psychic gifts and are nearly enlightened. Get people in a group especially at a spiritual retreat and everyone becomes suddenly quite spiritual. Because as we all know as long as you wear the clothes of a holy person you will be holy and if you spout wisdom you will be wise. We still do not get it. This is not how you get ‘it’.

The rich believe they can buy it, the poor think it’s not for them, the arrogant think they already have it, and the ignorant do not bother to look for it. What a surprise when they pass and have to see how that looked to all the Divine teachers on the other side. “So you thought you were better than everybody?” “So you thought God was for sale, and that spirituality belongs to those who have, what, money, brains, status,?” “You didn’t really think they meant you?” “So you actually thought your path was the path,hmm” We are lying to ourselves and each other, over and over.

The wisdom teachings belong to all of us and sorry people there is no human greater than another, race, gender, otherwise. There is definitely those further down the path and can I hear a THANK GOD. We are all in this together yes including you Lutherans, Catholics, Hindus, New Agers, nature walkers, and especially you atheists. These labels you hide behind do not matter. Who you are, what you are, none of it matters. What matters is how much of a better person are you at death’s door, how you contributed to the needs of your human siblings, the level of peace and love in your heart.

And then there are the ‘teachers’ of spirituality.

So many teachers do not feel like they are important unless someone is watching them, or wanting what they have, listening to their every word, or or or….. False, mind trap.. There are Teachers saying things that have no business being said in a room filled with souls looking for wisdom. Do it this way, buy this thing,…. enlightenment is on sale this week, buy one get one, really…

Of course the lessons is for me to keep my ass at home and do my own work and maybe sliding into a spiritual retreat that needs air quotes around it is just indicative of why I need to be teaching. Like Dr Phil says, hows that looking for a spiritual teacher stuff working for you.

One example is looking at the many systems of spirituality that are out there. The one I studied with first has been going for over 30 years here in America. But when you look at some of the lead teachers who say they have following this ‘right’ path for 30 years they are no more enlightened or further down the path than my Dad who will tell you there is no F**king path. When you step in front of a teacher who claims to have been on ‘the path’ for over 30 years yet there is no radiance in their face, people how is that possible?

A person on the path shines with an inner light. It is why we all want and need to be around that being. A true spiritual being just is and has no use in you knowing it or having a thought about it. This sentences negates almost every spiritual teacher I have ever met. They need you to know them.

Think of Christ, think of the Dali Lama, think of Mother Theresa, all the enlightened masters, all great souls who have come here to do their souls work. Their radiance beams off of them like a lighthouse for those ready to see, ready to know, ready to BE. They certainly do not need your adoration in order to do their work.

One must be careful when standing in the light of a human being claiming this or that. Spiritual teachers are becoming a dime a dozen so be discerning in whose energy you mess with and whose words you take in. Make sure your belief systems is indeed your own. True spiritual fire comes from a heart that burns with desire to know thyself, and to know that thy Self is contained within the light of God.

The wisdom teachings tell us that the kingdom of God is within us. Chances are spending time with yourself, asking the big questions, devoting yourself to becoming a loving being is probably where most of us could start. Then you will find as you are ready and willing the teacher will be right there. And remember a teacher is anyone who influences you, good or bad.

Do not be fooled by someone claiming to know. Take what they know mull it around and decide for yourself. The reason there are so many paths is because there are so many people. Each human needs a certain kind of teacher, you maybe married to yours, or raising yours or just reading their words.

Don’t be fooled, ask your inner self for guidance. Above all be ready, be smart, be discerning, then be the light. That’s all the hope we need.

Foundational rules for right spiritual work, # 3

Yesterday it was all about illusions and next we focus on our emotions.

Rule 3 Control the body of emotion, for the waves that rise upon the stormy seas of life engulf the swimmer, shut out the sun and render all plans futile.

There is a lot of talk about the validity of emotions. We need our emotions or we need to express our emotions but most people do not know the difference between their emotions and their feelings.

There is a distinct difference between our feelings and our emotions though these distinctions maybe hard for us to understand. We move through our feelings every moment and sometimes and most often these feelings can and do trigger emotions in us.

Our feelings can be consciously identified. Something good happens to us and we say I feel happy. Something sad happens to us and we say, I feel sad. We can describe our feelings and easily identify where they are coming from.

Our emotions can make us feel like we live life on a roller coaster. Up and down we are depressed, we are angry we are one thing and then another. Our emotions are linked to an underlying cause in which we may not even be aware of. Issues in our past that have caused a reaction good or bad become trapped in time and leave such an impression that forever when certain conditions exist we react in that same manner whether the original cause is happening or not. Over time we react to events with emotions unconsciously. It is difficult to describe our emotions and very difficult to identify where they are coming from.

The difference between feelings and emotions is time. Only constant self-awareness can keep us from identifying with our emotions as true states of being. This keeps us living in that past affecting our health and our being in this moment now. Living in the present moment helps us to identify with the feeling that is manifesting and not allow it to trigger an emotional response.

So the rule says to control the body of emotion, for the waves that rise upon the stormy seas of life engulf the swimmer, shut out the sun and render all plans futile.

So you can see the wisdom in the rule when you live your life reacting to your emotions you are being pulled into the sea of confusion and maya or illusion and suddenly you are not living at all frankly drowning. Anything that you might have been going to do or think or change is wrapped up in a swirl of chaos, the sea has you and the light of the sun cannot get to you.You will be stopped in your tracks, nothing you do will come to completion.

When we become overwhelmed with our emotions the only thing that works is self-control. Self-control can be achieved through a meditation practice, living a mindful life, or how about open your eyes to the reality around you instead of allowing the roller coaster of life to drag you around.

Once you begin to know and understand the difference between your emotions and feelings as you check in with yourself it will be easier not to get so caught up in your ‘stuff’ and as the light of awareness comes into play your life will become effective. Then you will be in conscious control of your life and not drug around by the nose and people it is not a good look to be drug by the nose…

Foundational rules for right spiritual work, #2

After viewing the world of thought we now work on illusion.

Rule 2 Learn the meaning of illusion and in its midst locate the golden thread of truth.

This walk we are on as spiritual beings occupying physical shells is difficult. We get so lost in the world of illusion that the idea of truth for most people is the opposite of the lies they tell. We all tell stories, white lies, the whole thing its part of the duality of being human especially as a kid. Later as adults with discernment we can watch as our children lie right to us and as wise beings we know the truth and the why the kids are telling lies. In that moment you have looked at the illusion and you knew the truth. This is a simple example of just how profuse the illusions in life can be but also tells you that this work is not new to you.

Most people surround themselves in illusions of who they are or think they are. Or on the opposite side they delude themselves pretending not to know. You have met this person at least once if you do not recognize this in yourself. You meet a person and their desire to impress or manipulate or any such drama is the first thing you notice, they are trying too hard. Maybe its a good person just not so sure of themselves, like a young person looking to impress an elder or a mentor. Or maybe it’s that woman who in every group she attends has to have everyone’s attention. Or you meet the person who came up with something cool and they shrug off your adulation with a its nothing kind of behavior, humility is not what I’m talking about. Either way people flash their illusions and hide their truths.

As a mature adult or anyone on a true spiritual walk we learn to discern what is going on in front of us. You are walking in the mall and kiosk guy approaches with, would you like to try such and such, he compliments you and in a New York minute this guy has you and your wallet. It wasn’t you he wanted it was your money, though by the way he stood so close, looked into your eyes, yah, illusion.

In all areas of our life we must discern the truth from illusion. A person who claims to walk the path of righteousness and slaps their partner around is living in an illusion as well as making others the victim of their lies. It is our responsibility to learn what it means ‘to know’. This is a wisdom inside the human given through our divine right as children of God. Our knowing is inside of us and as we practice discernment of the truth the illusions become obvious and our knowing grows in strength.

Many worry about ‘knowing’ but you know you already know, deep inside when you are alone with your thoughts, you know what you know. As we grow, we learn new things we re-evaluate our beliefs. It’s an ongoing process of discernment.

To truly walk the path of enlightenment, have spiritual awareness and power one must see the illusion this life surrounds us with. When we see the illusion we no longer have to buy into it. We see the gold thread of truth. We feel it. As the illusion loses its power it is amazing what you will learn. What’s really cool is in learning to see past the illusions put in front of us all is found the key to freedom.

The illusions of life that we fight so hard to grab and hold and cling to, as if they were real, are sucking every moment of this life away in a robe of lies. One we all love to wear. But seeing and living past the illusions, standing in the gold light of the truth, is the power to create and know all that you wish to be and will be. The illusions you fight for like your youth beauty money and power will become real when its the thread of truth you cling to rather than the illusion.

The reality is you are a powerful presence, a child of the most high, there is nothing more amazing than us, that is the true us!

Learn the meaning of illusion and in its midst locate the golden thread of truth.

15 simple rules of right foundation for Spiritual work, Rule 1

I am on a 12 day spiritual retreat and it is my hope to spread some of the wisdom teachings that I have learned as the foundation for greater spiritual power and awakening to the wisdom within. We were made in the image of the creator of the universe which in and of its self means we are destined for greatness. It is our limited thinking that holds us back. With so much wrong information out there flying around as spiritual truth it hurts me over and over when a system or teacher once again assumes there ‘way’ is the ‘way’ or worse the ‘only way’. Wow I wonder how God feels about all these ‘right’ humans and if there are so many right humans you would think there would be more enlightened masters walking around. Maybe there are but you can be sure they are not the ones walking around talking about it. Enlightenment speaks for itself. On with the rules.

These foundational rules are meant to stir within you the teacher that is already there. Spiritual work is not done with focus on the physical being. The physical being is a transporting device. The who you are resides inside of the body you dwell in, the body is not who you are. People we really need to get this, we are energy beings, the body is physical and limited, we are not.

Rule one; View the world of thought, separate the false out of the true.

We are ruled by the thoughts we manufacture. Every thought about yourself causes a reaction in the physical and mental self. Every thought your were taught affects the who you are and the who you were meant to be. In our own thinking are the traps that hold us in complete obeyance to the physical world. Your body is talking to you almost all of the time about something or other, it’s either cold or hot, hungry or full, needs something or wants something. We are ruled by the physical until the day you learn that the you inside of your physical beings is waiting for you to wake up and take control of the vessel you were assigned.

It is our responsibility to awaken and it begins by realizing all that talking in your head is coming from somewhere and that voice when uncontrolled is your ego leading you by the nose. You are ruled by the thoughts in your head true or not, and how would you know the difference anyway. Though many, many people think they do ‘know’.

Most people know when they are in trouble. You know when you are doing something that is not right for you but over and over again we walk right where we don’t want to go and do what we know we should stop doing. (yeah I know ‘should’) The capacity for change is right there and just a breath away. Knowledge is power.

When you begin to examine your thinking mind it is there you will find your biggest problem. There is no prison built that can keep a human from the vastness of his/her self. Even trapped in a hole a human can move their mind into a completely different reality, the mind is an awesome thing. It is also the mind that will drive you to crazy town with uncontrolled thoughts of a destructive nature and you will believe that voice. This is why meditation is key because through the constant monitoring of thoughts, you, yourself will see the damage an uncontrolled ego can do to a soul trapped in a human form. I am ugly, I am not good enough, no one will ever love me, everyone is better, luckier, so untrue, such a waste of valuable time when the who you are is not any of that but the voice convinces you that there is no other way to look at it. Boo, that voice.

Praise God there is a knowing in the human consciousness that is wise and it is constantly trying to get your attention. Imagine your world when the voice inside  becomes a wise and calm friend rather than the ego driven bully that resides in most of us. Watching your thoughts and how that voice can drag you from one issue to the next, you cannot be still, or relaxed. Wow, that voice is doing a great job of keeping you in the dark!

What meditation does is allow space between thoughts so you can begin to sense the truth. The truth is so simple we humans make it so hard. I do it believe me, I make my life so hard because my voice likes to tell me that a life without suffering is not worth living, My God that voice is a bully. When I find my thoughts doing a number on me I yell at it and tell it to shut up, as silly as it sounds, it is this human allowing for a greater space between lies so I can see the truth. I am not how much I weigh, or the color of my skin, or my belief in a God. The big one, it does not matter what you think of me or what I think of you. God is in each of us when I am mad at you I am mad at myself. When I love you I love myself.

What I am is I am. Yeah read that one again.

The truth is that we are children of the creator of the universe,¬† spiritual beings clothed in the physical for the experience of this lifetime. But we are at the end of our lives heading back where we came from and there at the gates of heaven you will discuss the loss of time spent in your head dealing with a voice that wasn’t real. You will see yourself doing wrong to your own soul because of misinformation, things you believed without really checking their validity. Remember we use to think the world was flat and the sun revolved around us.

It matters little what we do in this life if our spiritual selves sit in the dark through the entire incarnation. It is the drive back to God that rules the spiritual plane and all the humans have this knowing. Look around everyone is looking for something. That something is your own consciousness trying to explain just how vast your experience can be when you embrace the reality of our world.

To know the ‘truth’ as it is for you can only be done through searching the self. So start watching your thoughts and when you start having the sensation of depression or anxiety or anger or less than, make it stop, separate the truth from the false. You are not that.

We may not all believe that the spirit of God is within us all but through the separation of the truth from the false beliefs you will find that you are straight in line with that thinking. Can you imagine a God that would create such a universe of tremendous beauty and power, seed it with beings that it claims are in its image, and then put that stupid voice in us just to torture us and keep us away. No we did that to ourselves. Work with your thinking mind, educate yourself in spiritual truths, do the searching yourself. A teacher can lead but they can not do the work for you it doesn’t matter the spiritual strength of the master as there are rules in place. Most of our karma is ours to work through. Do yourself a favor and do the work.

View the world of thoughts and separate the false from the true.

Then awesomeness is right around the corner.





I was just in Sedona looking around at all that open space. After spending some time in LA looking at that sky especially the night sky was amazing. I was struck by the people there each equally a tourist whether spiritual ones or not. Sedona is known for its many energy vortexes and large amounts of people move through the area looking for something and very much hoping at the least to feel something. To them its a new age mecca.

Having been on a spiritual search for so long, I really do not remember anything else, watching and hearing people in ‘new age’ stores is quite amusing. Like in most things the ego usually gets involved and it becomes who is the most spiritual and the kind of clothes you wear and the number of gems on your fingers will be a sign of your closeness to God. Surely you know the difference between this stone and that rock?

My girlfriend and I walked the streets and the vortexes amused by the fuss of that which is just a part of our lives, being present, feeling energy, reading your surroundings. As spiritual people it is what we do and those new to the walk it is what they are working at doing. It still bothers me that spirituality is sold by the stone or the ‘way’ or the book on tape. Spirituality only works as you live it and then be careful what you wish for because it works like crazy. Chose a direction and go.

On one of our walks I came across this piece of wood in the shape of a Y. To me it signified perfectly the times we are in. Once we were at a crossroad and we had to determine whether we wanted to live a physically driven life of worldly things or would we redirect ourselves to a spiritual life led by a desire for union with God. That was a cross-road the sign of a plus sign +, up towards God, across to the physical. A spiritual path meant a life of deprivation and loneliness.

I don’t see it like that now. I see our journeys as Y’s. The wisdom teaches that we are spiritual beings living a physical life. We are here to remember our Creator who gave us our being and then we are to make the best life possible for ourselves. All the while using every gift given and all universal laws written to co-exist and co-create with one another on this beautiful Planet.

We no longer have to convince those who don’t believe as we believe for faith teaches that all things come from God and all things are moving back to God. We just have to do our part and that is where the Y comes in. As your ‘will’ merges with the greater ‘will’ of the universe, the how you live your life can take on numerous expressions. There is no right way or wrong way to live, there is your way. Fully realizing that every act you commit brings a reaction and as spiritual beings we know what we desire as reactions to our actions. Peace.

It doesn’t matter what I do any more as long as my eyes are turned up towards the light of wisdom and love. Then I can do no wrong. It would be impossible to do so. Yet it must be remembered that God’s work has a destructive nature and as long as we are in the physical there will be some pain. But growth is painful and worth every minute. Look around at all the humans asleep at the wheel. They are so sold on the dream of their life and despair that they have no idea that change is around the corner and the light they so desperately seek is inside of themselves.

So now it is up to us to decide which direction on the Y to go. I think I’ll be an artist, I think I’ll be a writer, I think I’ll be a doctor, I think I’ll be commander-in-chief. The crossroads in life are hard but the Y’s in life are just choices and all choices can be remade. We do not have to be saved we have already been saved. All roads lead to God so we can go down as many paths as we desire until its time to find the one that leads back home. To where ever and on what ever planet that might be, hehe.