I was just in Sedona looking around at all that open space. After spending some time in LA looking at that sky especially the night sky was amazing. I was struck by the people there each equally a tourist whether spiritual ones or not. Sedona is known for its many energy vortexes and large amounts of people move through the area looking for something and very much hoping at the least to feel something. To them its a new age mecca.

Having been on a spiritual search for so long, I really do not remember anything else, watching and hearing people in ‘new age’ stores is quite amusing. Like in most things the ego usually gets involved and it becomes who is the most spiritual and the kind of clothes you wear and the number of gems on your fingers will be a sign of your closeness to God. Surely you know the difference between this stone and that rock?

My girlfriend and I walked the streets and the vortexes amused by the fuss of that which is just a part of our lives, being present, feeling energy, reading your surroundings. As spiritual people it is what we do and those new to the walk it is what they are working at doing. It still bothers me that spirituality is sold by the stone or the ‘way’ or the book on tape. Spirituality only works as you live it and then be careful what you wish for because it works like crazy. Chose a direction and go.

On one of our walks I came across this piece of wood in the shape of a Y. To me it signified perfectly the times we are in. Once we were at a crossroad and we had to determine whether we wanted to live a physically driven life of worldly things or would we redirect ourselves to a spiritual life led by a desire for union with God. That was a cross-road the sign of a plus sign +, up towards God, across to the physical. A spiritual path meant a life of deprivation and loneliness.

I don’t see it like that now. I see our journeys as Y’s. The wisdom teaches that we are spiritual beings living a physical life. We are here to remember our Creator who gave us our being and then we are to make the best life possible for ourselves. All the while using every gift given and all universal laws written to co-exist and co-create with one another on this beautiful Planet.

We no longer have to convince those who don’t believe as we believe for faith teaches that all things come from God and all things are moving back to God. We just have to do our part and that is where the Y comes in. As your ‘will’ merges with the greater ‘will’ of the universe, the how you live your life can take on numerous expressions. There is no right way or wrong way to live, there is your way. Fully realizing that every act you commit brings a reaction and as spiritual beings we know what we desire as reactions to our actions. Peace.

It doesn’t matter what I do any more as long as my eyes are turned up towards the light of wisdom and love. Then I can do no wrong. It would be impossible to do so. Yet it must be remembered that God’s work has a destructive nature and as long as we are in the physical there will be some pain. But growth is painful and worth every minute. Look around at all the humans asleep at the wheel. They are so sold on the dream of their life and despair that they have no idea that change is around the corner and the light they so desperately seek is inside of themselves.

So now it is up to us to decide which direction on the Y to go. I think I’ll be an artist, I think I’ll be a writer, I think I’ll be a doctor, I think I’ll be commander-in-chief. The crossroads in life are hard but the Y’s in life are just choices and all choices can be remade. We do not have to be saved we have already been saved. All roads lead to God so we can go down as many paths as we desire until its time to find the one that leads back home. To where ever and on what ever planet that might be, hehe.

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