15 simple rules of right foundation for Spiritual work, Rule 1

I am on a 12 day spiritual retreat and it is my hope to spread some of the wisdom teachings that I have learned as the foundation for greater spiritual power and awakening to the wisdom within. We were made in the image of the creator of the universe which in and of its self means we are destined for greatness. It is our limited thinking that holds us back. With so much wrong information out there flying around as spiritual truth it hurts me over and over when a system or teacher once again assumes there ‘way’ is the ‘way’ or worse the ‘only way’. Wow I wonder how God feels about all these ‘right’ humans and if there are so many right humans you would think there would be more enlightened masters walking around. Maybe there are but you can be sure they are not the ones walking around talking about it. Enlightenment speaks for itself. On with the rules.

These foundational rules are meant to stir within you the teacher that is already there. Spiritual work is not done with focus on the physical being. The physical being is a transporting device. The who you are resides inside of the body you dwell in, the body is not who you are. People we really need to get this, we are energy beings, the body is physical and limited, we are not.

Rule one; View the world of thought, separate the false out of the true.

We are ruled by the thoughts we manufacture. Every thought about yourself causes a reaction in the physical and mental self. Every thought your were taught affects the who you are and the who you were meant to be. In our own thinking are the traps that hold us in complete obeyance to the physical world. Your body is talking to you almost all of the time about something or other, it’s either cold or hot, hungry or full, needs something or wants something. We are ruled by the physical until the day you learn that the you inside of your physical beings is waiting for you to wake up and take control of the vessel you were assigned.

It is our responsibility to awaken and it begins by realizing all that talking in your head is coming from somewhere and that voice when uncontrolled is your ego leading you by the nose. You are ruled by the thoughts in your head true or not, and how would you know the difference anyway. Though many, many people think they do ‘know’.

Most people know when they are in trouble. You know when you are doing something that is not right for you but over and over again we walk right where we don’t want to go and do what we know we should stop doing. (yeah I know ‘should’) The capacity for change is right there and just a breath away. Knowledge is power.

When you begin to examine your thinking mind it is there you will find your biggest problem. There is no prison built that can keep a human from the vastness of his/her self. Even trapped in a hole a human can move their mind into a completely different reality, the mind is an awesome thing. It is also the mind that will drive you to crazy town with uncontrolled thoughts of a destructive nature and you will believe that voice. This is why meditation is key because through the constant monitoring of thoughts, you, yourself will see the damage an uncontrolled ego can do to a soul trapped in a human form. I am ugly, I am not good enough, no one will ever love me, everyone is better, luckier, so untrue, such a waste of valuable time when the who you are is not any of that but the voice convinces you that there is no other way to look at it. Boo, that voice.

Praise God there is a knowing in the human consciousness that is wise and it is constantly trying to get your attention. Imagine your world when the voice inside  becomes a wise and calm friend rather than the ego driven bully that resides in most of us. Watching your thoughts and how that voice can drag you from one issue to the next, you cannot be still, or relaxed. Wow, that voice is doing a great job of keeping you in the dark!

What meditation does is allow space between thoughts so you can begin to sense the truth. The truth is so simple we humans make it so hard. I do it believe me, I make my life so hard because my voice likes to tell me that a life without suffering is not worth living, My God that voice is a bully. When I find my thoughts doing a number on me I yell at it and tell it to shut up, as silly as it sounds, it is this human allowing for a greater space between lies so I can see the truth. I am not how much I weigh, or the color of my skin, or my belief in a God. The big one, it does not matter what you think of me or what I think of you. God is in each of us when I am mad at you I am mad at myself. When I love you I love myself.

What I am is I am. Yeah read that one again.

The truth is that we are children of the creator of the universe,  spiritual beings clothed in the physical for the experience of this lifetime. But we are at the end of our lives heading back where we came from and there at the gates of heaven you will discuss the loss of time spent in your head dealing with a voice that wasn’t real. You will see yourself doing wrong to your own soul because of misinformation, things you believed without really checking their validity. Remember we use to think the world was flat and the sun revolved around us.

It matters little what we do in this life if our spiritual selves sit in the dark through the entire incarnation. It is the drive back to God that rules the spiritual plane and all the humans have this knowing. Look around everyone is looking for something. That something is your own consciousness trying to explain just how vast your experience can be when you embrace the reality of our world.

To know the ‘truth’ as it is for you can only be done through searching the self. So start watching your thoughts and when you start having the sensation of depression or anxiety or anger or less than, make it stop, separate the truth from the false. You are not that.

We may not all believe that the spirit of God is within us all but through the separation of the truth from the false beliefs you will find that you are straight in line with that thinking. Can you imagine a God that would create such a universe of tremendous beauty and power, seed it with beings that it claims are in its image, and then put that stupid voice in us just to torture us and keep us away. No we did that to ourselves. Work with your thinking mind, educate yourself in spiritual truths, do the searching yourself. A teacher can lead but they can not do the work for you it doesn’t matter the spiritual strength of the master as there are rules in place. Most of our karma is ours to work through. Do yourself a favor and do the work.

View the world of thoughts and separate the false from the true.

Then awesomeness is right around the corner.




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