Foundational rules for right spiritual work, #2

After viewing the world of thought we now work on illusion.

Rule 2 Learn the meaning of illusion and in its midst locate the golden thread of truth.

This walk we are on as spiritual beings occupying physical shells is difficult. We get so lost in the world of illusion that the idea of truth for most people is the opposite of the lies they tell. We all tell stories, white lies, the whole thing its part of the duality of being human especially as a kid. Later as adults with discernment we can watch as our children lie right to us and as wise beings we know the truth and the why the kids are telling lies. In that moment you have looked at the illusion and you knew the truth. This is a simple example of just how profuse the illusions in life can be but also tells you that this work is not new to you.

Most people surround themselves in illusions of who they are or think they are. Or on the opposite side they delude themselves pretending not to know. You have met this person at least once if you do not recognize this in yourself. You meet a person and their desire to impress or manipulate or any such drama is the first thing you notice, they are trying too hard. Maybe its a good person just not so sure of themselves, like a young person looking to impress an elder or a mentor. Or maybe it’s that woman who in every group she attends has to have everyone’s attention. Or you meet the person who came up with something cool and they shrug off your adulation with a its nothing kind of behavior, humility is not what I’m talking about. Either way people flash their illusions and hide their truths.

As a mature adult or anyone on a true spiritual walk we learn to discern what is going on in front of us. You are walking in the mall and kiosk guy approaches with, would you like to try such and such, he compliments you and in a New York minute this guy has you and your wallet. It wasn’t you he wanted it was your money, though by the way he stood so close, looked into your eyes, yah, illusion.

In all areas of our life we must discern the truth from illusion. A person who claims to walk the path of righteousness and slaps their partner around is living in an illusion as well as making others the victim of their lies. It is our responsibility to learn what it means ‘to know’. This is a wisdom inside the human given through our divine right as children of God. Our knowing is inside of us and as we practice discernment of the truth the illusions become obvious and our knowing grows in strength.

Many worry about ‘knowing’ but you know you already know, deep inside when you are alone with your thoughts, you know what you know. As we grow, we learn new things we re-evaluate our beliefs. It’s an ongoing process of discernment.

To truly walk the path of enlightenment, have spiritual awareness and power one must see the illusion this life surrounds us with. When we see the illusion we no longer have to buy into it. We see the gold thread of truth. We feel it. As the illusion loses its power it is amazing what you will learn. What’s really cool is in learning to see past the illusions put in front of us all is found the key to freedom.

The illusions of life that we fight so hard to grab and hold and cling to, as if they were real, are sucking every moment of this life away in a robe of lies. One we all love to wear. But seeing and living past the illusions, standing in the gold light of the truth, is the power to create and know all that you wish to be and will be. The illusions you fight for like your youth beauty money and power will become real when its the thread of truth you cling to rather than the illusion.

The reality is you are a powerful presence, a child of the most high, there is nothing more amazing than us, that is the true us!

Learn the meaning of illusion and in its midst locate the golden thread of truth.

One thought on “Foundational rules for right spiritual work, #2

  1. What I’m learning is that it’s also really important to find out those truths that you don’t know you don’t know… the stuff in our blind spots. There’s stuff we know that we know; there’s stuff we know that we don’t know; then there’s all the stuff we don’t know that we don’t know. A lot of the time, it’s baggage from our past that we keep dragging with us — like a heavy suitcase — keeping it in our present and bringing it into our future. I’m working to make that suitcase a lot lighter and I appreciate your wisdom in giving me new perspectives!!!

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