I am on this 12 day spiritual retreat and I was going to focus on the foundational laws of right spiritual work, and now there is no point. Right now I am working on holding my hope for humanity.

This spiritual retreat is filled with people who if you ask all have special psychic gifts and are nearly enlightened. Get people in a group especially at a spiritual retreat and everyone becomes suddenly quite spiritual. Because as we all know as long as you wear the clothes of a holy person you will be holy and if you spout wisdom you will be wise. We still do not get it. This is not how you get ‘it’.

The rich believe they can buy it, the poor think it’s not for them, the arrogant think they already have it, and the ignorant do not bother to look for it. What a surprise when they pass and have to see how that looked to all the Divine teachers on the other side. “So you thought you were better than everybody?” “So you thought God was for sale, and that spirituality belongs to those who have, what, money, brains, status,?” “You didn’t really think they meant you?” “So you actually thought your path was the path,hmm” We are lying to ourselves and each other, over and over.

The wisdom teachings belong to all of us and sorry people there is no human greater than another, race, gender, otherwise. There is definitely those further down the path and can I hear a THANK GOD. We are all in this together yes including you Lutherans, Catholics, Hindus, New Agers, nature walkers, and especially you atheists. These labels you hide behind do not matter. Who you are, what you are, none of it matters. What matters is how much of a better person are you at death’s door, how you contributed to the needs of your human siblings, the level of peace and love in your heart.

And then there are the ‘teachers’ of spirituality.

So many teachers do not feel like they are important unless someone is watching them, or wanting what they have, listening to their every word, or or or….. False, mind trap.. There are Teachers saying things that have no business being said in a room filled with souls looking for wisdom. Do it this way, buy this thing,…. enlightenment is on sale this week, buy one get one, really…

Of course the lessons is for me to keep my ass at home and do my own work and maybe sliding into a spiritual retreat that needs air quotes around it is just indicative of why I need to be teaching. Like Dr Phil says, hows that looking for a spiritual teacher stuff working for you.

One example is looking at the many systems of spirituality that are out there. The one I studied with first has been going for over 30 years here in America. But when you look at some of the lead teachers who say they have following this ‘right’ path for 30 years they are no more enlightened or further down the path than my Dad who will tell you there is no F**king path. When you step in front of a teacher who claims to have been on ‘the path’ for over 30 years yet there is no radiance in their face, people how is that possible?

A person on the path shines with an inner light. It is why we all want and need to be around that being. A true spiritual being just is and has no use in you knowing it or having a thought about it. This sentences negates almost every spiritual teacher I have ever met. They need you to know them.

Think of Christ, think of the Dali Lama, think of Mother Theresa, all the enlightened masters, all great souls who have come here to do their souls work. Their radiance beams off of them like a lighthouse for those ready to see, ready to know, ready to BE. They certainly do not need your adoration in order to do their work.

One must be careful when standing in the light of a human being claiming this or that. Spiritual teachers are becoming a dime a dozen so be discerning in whose energy you mess with and whose words you take in. Make sure your belief systems is indeed your own. True spiritual fire comes from a heart that burns with desire to know thyself, and to know that thy Self is contained within the light of God.

The wisdom teachings tell us that the kingdom of God is within us. Chances are spending time with yourself, asking the big questions, devoting yourself to becoming a loving being is probably where most of us could start. Then you will find as you are ready and willing the teacher will be right there. And remember a teacher is anyone who influences you, good or bad.

Do not be fooled by someone claiming to know. Take what they know mull it around and decide for yourself. The reason there are so many paths is because there are so many people. Each human needs a certain kind of teacher, you maybe married to yours, or raising yours or just reading their words.

Don’t be fooled, ask your inner self for guidance. Above all be ready, be smart, be discerning, then be the light. That’s all the hope we need.

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