What did you say?

Interesting morning I thought I would share. I am still at the spiritual retreat and now spending more time by myself as the lines have been drawn and I know what I need to do. Yesterday was a low energy day I didn’t feel very well and did almost nothing but meditate. Lots of people are leaving today so the energy of the place is going to change from being a spot for those who need to be seen to a place for those who are searching.

One of those leaving is the a ‘spiritual’ healer/teacher who said a stupid thing to me and has for the last 3 days tried to take it back without seeming like that is what is going on. At the initial meeting she told me that I didn’t have a meditation or prayer practice that she could work with and of course if I went to her web site and hit a button she would teach me to meditate, correctly of course and then I could come to her weekend intensive for greater instruction and then, brace yourself, I would be invited to her private facebook page, loud gasp, really, me, you would invite me…

Yah I don’t buy these kind of words anymore and nothing sends me out a door faster than I can do something for you, because as she reminded me, I can’t do it myself, I need a teacher with great power to help me. This woman had no idea who she was in front of. She put me on the table so I could see first hand her methods and how it would work, whoops I saw too much, I let her give me her spiel and left. As I was leaving she told me how wonderful I looked how integrated my mind and body were now. Look what she was able to do for me, hmmm. Me, I smile and nod, why bust her bubble of ignorance.

As a student and teacher myself I happen to know that the universe, God, whatever you call it does all healing work. Any healer is actually a facilitator for the energy of the Divine. They might be manipulating, channeling energy for their work but the energy used does not come from them and nor would they claim that it did. All healing and energy used for spiritual work comes from a source outside the human being though it may channel through the body, like hands on healing. Anyone who claims to be a healer know this, it is not a question, all things come from God all things are moving towards God. If a teacher/healer says different, back out of the room, karma is going to be flying around.

Awww, the ego. She soooo wanted me to buy into what she said that every time I turned around she has been right there in front of me. Now in this place the ‘teachers’ don’t walk amongst the students, come on they need their space, so seeing her outside of the classroom was rare. I knew something had to be going on. I had no need to tell her what I knew, I could careless, but she needed me to know she knew more than me.”You look great still so integrated. I think tonight’s class will really help you.” she says earnestly. Me, I smile and nod, other people approaching so I can walk away and I did not go to the class.

Next morning I felt like shit. I spent all day working that out. I saw her at dinner, She walks over to me, “you look great, so integrated.” I would see her husband, “oh you are vibrating so much light”, they were in it together.

This morning I woke up and felt great. It was a beautiful morning I was on top of the world. Everyday I don’t have pain or discomfort is a great day. I am reading the NY Sunday times, (so every minute can’t be spiritual), life is good. I thought they had gone last night when while at breakfast me sitting with a big smile I look up and there she is. I smile and before I can say a word, “you look great” before she can finish her thought, I say ” I feel great, yesterday was a rough day but today I feel great”, and she says before I can acknowledge it, “I did that for you, oh and I hope you will be at the intensive it will help you so much. Be sure and let me know you are there so I can greet you personally”

She just took credit for the work I did the day before fixing what I had allow her to do to me. I couldn’t believe it. I just smiled and nodded as she checked who was around her listening, her audience. She leaves and all I can think is, “What did she just say?” Aww the human ego alive and well deeply embedded in most spiritual teachers. I’ve been laughing all morning.

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