Keeping silent

I love this image it is so telling about the notion of keeping silent. Keeping silent like in the picture can seem like something negative, tape over the mouth, do not talk. Equally for me is the image of her awareness of the power and choice of when to keep her silence or use her words.

In the spiritual tradition there is power in the throat center and a person can push a lot of that power around with their words. We all know how someone can destroy lives with their speech as most of us have been hurt by the stupid words spewed in our direction. Our speech can also be used to help and heal. A kind word to someone at the right time can change everything.

Keeping silent will give you the awareness of how you use or abuse your own language. Nobody wants to be seen as someone who hurts people by what they say. “I was just kidding” as they sting the hell out of you with their barb or the ever popular “you are just to sensitive”. If you have to explain yourself all the time yah, your words aren’t working! We also waste a lot of energy talking talking talking, without ever saying a word. All that talking does not make you wise. Become mindful about what you say and how you say it, it is a wonderful spiritual exercise. Keeping silent is even more powerful. As I move through my own spiritual transformation I have and am still learning about the power of silence.

All things work as vibration. The voice is us directing our vibration and as it moves away from us it affects all that is in its path. That is me as a mother or teacher I use my voice to direct those around me. Keeping silent is watching how the energy moves around you, and paying attention to what the energy around you is doing. This man is manipulating you, this teacher is lying to you, this child is not being truthful, this person is not buying what I am saying at all. Keeping silent opens a door that talking tends to keep shut.

Keeping silent allows you to really hear people when they talk because another thing most of us know is that rare is the person who feels comfortable enough to really share their inner most being. Most will say what either gets them attention, sympathy, or an audience. Keeping silent also allows you to know when someone is keeping silent around you when they have a whole lot of talking to do and they are not doing it, they are hiding on the banks of de-nile.

Keeping silent is an act of power. Keeping your silence about an issue of necessity is not. I am sick, you tell no one, I need help, and you tell no one, I saw him do that, you keep silent, I know she did that, you keep silent. I know that is happening, you keep silent. I wish I knew the answer and you say nothing. Keeping your silence does not remove you from the responsibility of speaking up. Those who do not know, need our help. Remember telling someone to keep their mouth shut can be just as necessary.

The mastery of the subject comes as more and more time is spent in keeping silent. Learning when it is right to speak and not being reactive in our speech. Keeping silent is a meditation in listening and awareness.

Keeping silent allows grace to move through you and settles your energy. Practice keeping silent as the holiday approaches. This is a difficult season for a lot of people. As you learn to listen more you will learn where your soothing words may be needed or stern words for those losing their way.

Sound is the mother of light. When God created everything it was through the word. What we never think about is the power of the silence before God ever uttered the words, Let there be light. That was God keeping silent while thinking of birthing us all. Now I am going to go and keep silent for awhile.

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