Smart Asses

Ok, I get it, all the world is a stage but some people just need to get off the said stage. I am so tired of smart ass remarks. I swear Jerry Seinfeld ruined everything by creating smart asses across the world and now they are torturing us all with their pithy statements. I say get over yourself and lets move on. There is nothing that sends me through the proverbial roof than a smart ass response to my every question. Really, is that helpful?

I am standing in front of a reception desk making an appointment for a massage, “how’s it looking?” I say, “looks like a computer screen,” says pithy smart ass person. Really? Asking a massage therapist, “Do you feel that in my neck?” “It feels like a neck” says smart ass therapist. Really? “So how do you feel about my eating meat?” a question asked of a nutritionist on site, I don’t feel anything about your eating meat.” Really? that’s an answer. I am not 20 years old or impressed by a person’s ability to make a wise ass remark at my expense, or anyone’s. I frankly find it offensive.

So is it a sign of success when you can say a pithy saying, or get away with embarrassing someone with your blatantly smart ass remark? I think we have gone so far away from our center of loving kindness that even in a place that throws the word mindfulness around I am surrounded by smart ass people enjoying their own senseless humor.

Don’t get me wrong I love a good laugh. I think humor is awesome. What I am advocating is a f*(king moratorium on smart ass behavior from the professional world of wellness teachers, that’s me being nice calling them that. Humans every where are looking for help, face it most of us are in a world of hurt and looking for true help. What we do not need is smart ass I am better than you bull shit behavior from someone whose very job is to offer support. There is nothing funny about a smart ass comment made in front of a group at anyone’s expense especially when it goes over their head and others are laughing. It’s not funny and frankly very karmic.

A smart ass is not a comedian though they often think they are. Some of the responsibility lies with us as consumers and those who are paying these people to be a smart ass in our presence. I ask the said smart ass therapist if he knew what I was talking about, if he had the experience to understand neck issues, how long had he been doing massage, was there someone else who I could talk to, yah, he back stepped and back stepped over his stupid comment assuring me he was indeed a professional. He might not make that mistake again, he was pretty red in the face.

I am definitely past the place of needing people to like me. I say do your damn job…If I desire a round of smart ass humor I will watch a rerun of Seinfeld and I am good enough at it myself I surely do not need you to add your 2 cents. Dumb ass thinks he’s a smart ass, now I am being a smart ass, see how it works. Its destructive and not helpful. Back to your lives people and for crying out loud get off the world stage.

Whew, how was that for a piece of my mind? Smart Asses beware!



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