Someplace else


Last year at this time I was in Paris, ahhh, Paris. The holidays can be hard and it is not that much fun to celebrate by yourself, right! So in order to combat the usual holiday blahs I turn them into a time of adventure. I take the sting out of solitary holiday time by choosing to be alone and often I go Someplace else. Because In the land of Someplace else no one knows my name and I can make everyone believe I am intentionally alone . In the land of Someplace else I can be anyone I want and there, Someplace else, I am always a star.

In the land of Someplace else They have no idea who I am or that I have not spoken to a single soul in days. They cannot tell if I am important or not. They cannot tell if I am poor or not. They cannot tell if I am foreign or not. For all They know I am a celebrity in hiding. I make sure to wear my sunglasses in and out of my hotel keeping up the game of being somebody while being nobody at all. It’s amazing how much attitude will compensate for what could be loneliness. If it seems like I am desperately trying to spend some time by myself there is a mystery about me. If I am just there alone that may smack of loneliness. Everywhere I walk, everywhere I go, I act as if I own the place

I walk in silence. I sit in silence. I am not looking for idle chit chat. I am completely fine being by myself. Maybe I am just off a movie, maybe I just finished my book and am getting ready to go on tour. I always have my journal and fountain pen, I am not just writing my lonely thoughts, I am expounding deep-seated soul truths. I am writing the next great novel. My face reflects great wisdom. Who bothers someone Someplace else when they can see such wisdom. When I look up at Them I smile and turn down my gaze.

It’s a knowing, because I know what you see, I am Someplace else, somewhere you wish you could be.


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