Pain is a difficult topic because everyone experiences pain in different ways. We do a lot as humans to run away from pain,we will do anything to avoid pain. Problem is pain is inevitable. Part of the process of being human and I can’t stand it, seems like a flaw in the system. I look at how we treat ourselves I see how we treat each other. So many people are happily inflicting pain on others sometimes wrapped up in that four letter word love, here’s some pain oh yah by the way I love you
I don’t like living in a world where the humans can not understand that the person they are trying to hurt is in fact a human not a punching bag certainly not your slave. Whose idea was it to think that another person is above or below another? If you think you are better where do you get your info? Just curious.
I use to think people should have to apply to be a parent. Still do. Such an important job should not be left for chance or whim. Now I think people should have to apply to remain part of the human race. Being a human should be seen as a privilege not a right or accident or a whatever get that person out of here.
The pain out there in the world is a maya I understand that, everything is an illusion but down here in the world pain is pain. Loss is loss. We are a tiny speck on a planet hurling through space and we are so very sure of our position in the universe. We are even sure bankrupting ourselves our children and our future is just ok. This is the kind of pain I am sick to death of. With all the trouble we have just staying on the planet wondering when the next airborne illness unleashes or when the next violent storm, or fricking terrorist attack is coming why do we beg these issues by playing the not me not my fault not my problem. Oh humans you have no idea the power you have yet you waste so much of your power on such stupid stuff and stupid thoughts.
We bring pain on ourselves and then look around for who to blame.
Bro it’s the holidays, as my son says, so lets try to skip the pain isle, lets try to see past our small lives, lets try to look up at the night sky and gaze at the stars and planets, think of life out there, how disappointing it will be if when we finally get contact and it is us trying to come here and take what’s ours. I would much rather see ET.
We are living on a living entity. The earth is alive. We breath the air and in the air is life. We eat food that is either alive or once was. We drink water that has life in it. Everything is a part of life we are a part of that life. All this pain we go through needs to be shelved in the do not disturb box right next to Pandora’s box.
We have been through enough. Enough is enough people. When we as a people finally get sick of the pain, the pain in our families and in our states and countries we might take control and pull ourselves together. Can you imagine that people are worried about the end of the world but would never think of doing away with a feud or forgiving the unforgivable. It’s time to decide that pain is uncool and let’s get smarter and learn smarter and let pain move to the back of the bus and happiness can move to the front. I hear the happiness bus is a much smoother ride and much more fun.
See ya on the bus

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