Thoughts while spending Christmas in Paris



Wow, what a few weeks I’ve had. I am working hard to wipe out the memory of the 2nd week of December with memories of the 3rd and then I arrived in Paris. At first I had nothing but difficulties with my electronics so I put them all down, no phone, no computer. This is not my first trip but it was the first time I have had so much trouble. Funny how the universal energies can push at us until we are on our knees screaming uncle. Yah, like I am going to take that, electronics working!

Because I knew for a while I would be alone for Christmas I worked out the aloneness to take place in the awesomeness of Paris. I figure it would be easier to be alone in a place not so consumed by the holiday and by 12 noon in Europe it is over and we can all go on with our lives. I wanted to celebrate that the world didn’t end and that tomorrow is just another day but after reading the news I am not sure but starting the world over again might have been a better idea. There sure is a lot of killing and meanness going on out there.

If I were the ruler of the universe I would start again or at the very least I would wave a magic wand over humanity and change their thinking right now. Free will my ass, nobody appears to be free as much as they are freely drug around by their emotions and ready to exact revenge on those deemed… whatever. Humanity just does not seem to be able to fit the bill as top of the food chain.

Maybe we need shepherds again, true leaders who would have in their hearts a desire for a good life for their people. A good and true king who would provide not take, seek to keep life not destroy it. We as people seem to enjoy the destroying nature of our kind while throwing the nice out with the bath water. Where has kindness gone?

Here in Europe things are not candy coated like in America, here the news of the world will scare the hell out of you. We in America have no real idea just how prejudice continues to destroy our brothers and sisters. Humans still hold rank over each other either by the dominate sex thing, or dominate religion thing, or my guns are bigger than yours thing. It is ridiculous, are we ever going to grow up? I thought the dooms day prep-ers were out of their minds but watch the news here and we all better have a below ground bunker but if you have food in yours in will not be yours for long. Guns aren’t enough you better buy a tank.

If I were the earth I would have thrown us off, burned us out, froze our butts off, already. This is painful to watch.

I woke up to a cloudy and very grey morning. I went down for breakfast there was no kindness at all, no recognition of it being Christmas, just grab and take at the breakfast buffet. When In New York my daughter and I saw the same thing. We were calling it bitter face. So many people are walking around with bitter face yet they are walking. See, they do not know that walking is a gift, as is eating in some parts of the world.

If I were God I would have used 12-21-2012 to send a wave into humanity to force everyone to wake up at the same moment. It would be a burst of blindness that would cause each human to see their mother father brother sister everywhere they look. A man being violent towards a woman would see his sister wife or mother immediately. A soldier would see his brother or father. The leaders who would give guns to children would see guns in their children’s arms and bullets through their kin’s bodies. Ah perspective!

Well the sun came and broke up the gloom. It is going to be a beautiful day here in Paris. I will walk and try to forget how hard humanity is on each other and how families can be so mean and negative against their own. I will wear a smile surrounded by bitter faces unwilling to understand that to be able to walk, talk, eat, smile, breath, be without pain, are all reasons to be grateful and to get down on your knees and be thankful.

And thats just me living in a world where there is no gun to my head, bullets fired over my house, or war going on 2 streets away but only by the grace of God and only for now…

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