Learn to shut up!

There is a point in your life or at least there should be when the bull shit of your family or friends stops being something you are interested in and what you want is for everybody to shut the hell up. It is embarrassing the amount of wasted breath spent on words and thoughts that are simply destructive and better off not said. We all know this, we were all taught this, “if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all”. What happened to that phrase? Isn’t there enough bitterness out there that we have no need of it coming from those who claim to love us?

Facebook has done nothing but provide a platform for bad behavior and within families and close friends it is a nightmare. Suddenly people are fighting and instead of keeping it within appropriate boundaries they drag others into their stupidness. I don’t like this at all. Why are not more people embarrassed by bad behavior? Why do people think spinning lies in this day and age is going to work. All truth comes out in the end.

Something happened recently that embarrassed me and the shame of the incident made me shut the fu**k up. I didn’t want to talk about it or even ever remember it again. I am not into finger pointing. Thing is the more “they” talk about it the less I will ever say. Eventually “they” will have poisoned the well so bad there will be nowhere left to go and no one left to listen, no one that matters, (every goon has a goon squad). But this takes time and one has to know the power of silence. Silence, Praise God, is the great equalizer.

It is hard enough to be alive on the planet right now. Out here in the world of no make-believe you see suffering everywhere you look. In America we are sidetracked with the need to stay young, make lots of money, even if it means taking it out of your families hands. We must constantly know that what we are doing is not good enough because the next thing is right around the corner ready to replace us. We are on roller-coasters that we don’t even see but most certainly feel. We are distracted from what is real by what can be replaced, easily, you.

Families are not honored and respect integrity and loyalty do not exist as words in most Americans vocabulary, it is a dog eat dog world. If a family member or friend does well we are taught to tear them down or make them responsible for all wrongs. If one culture does too well we make sure it doesn’t last long. We champion the weak until the are not, then we go after them. And worse we allow every idiot the right to bear arms. That one scares the fu*k out of me in light of recent events…

If I were God I would strike at our throats, make us all unable to speak. I would go for the eyes next and make us all blind. This would level the playing field and all the bullies of the world would find themselves at a terrible disadvantage and those filled with love would not notice a thing. Because when love is your true motivator you do not need eyes to see the truth and you do not need your ears to hear the truth. Your heart already is filled with the truth.

So people when you are ready to stand in your truth there is no better way to do it than learning the power of silence. Let go and let God because there is nothing more powerful than the those who champion good. I laugh when I think on those who would desire to do anyone harm. Karma is a bitch and a hardy task master. Don’t get caught in a web of your own making because that thing stinging you are your own lies coming back at you. Above all when in doubt, learn to SHUT UP!

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