Now what

thOk so it’s 2013, looks like we made it and all of that jazz. We lived through all of the scary dates like 11-11-11, 12-12-12, and the end date of the Mayan calendar 12-21-2012. Whew that was close!  And because of all of the hoop-la, I am expecting great things from 2013. I just know golden opportunity is right around the corner and my best days are out in front of me, said with a smile. Everything is going to be great. Smile fading, except for right now, not much is happening right now.

This does not bode well at all as I have just returned from my awesome end the year abroad trip. I was traveling most of the month of December and now finally back in my own bed I fully expected to have gained new knowledge and have some great insights to share, but I don’t. Like I said there is not too much going on right now. There hasn’t been too much going on at all.

But that has been the point just learning how to be. I have to quit thinking there is something I am supposed to do and figure out what I want to do. I spent all of that time traveling to force myself to take a breather and just be. I did that a lot while I was in Paris. Sometimes in a cafe, sometimes standing around art. While I was doing all that just being me I would stumble on these out-of-the-way galleries or another cathedral. I would get to walk through them at a leisurely pace and certainly not pushed and shoved the way you can be in the Louvre or MOMA.

In these out-of-the-way places I spent as much time looking at a piece of art as I desired. There were so few people in these art spaces that the art had a chance to breathe. Just doing that, seeing all of that art, it reawakened my need to have art in my life again. I have been pushing the artist in me away for a while but standing in a gallery surrounded by paintings and boom, there she was.

To view art is wonderful to make art, Divine. Until I get my next studio set up I am going to live like I know that.

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