Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.
Margaret J. Wheatley

Being here in Los Angeles gives my sense of reality a run for its money. In Minnesota where my house and other two children are at, they are in the middle of a typical January deep-freeze. Cold temperatures and short days are the winter standard. Here in LA it is a pleasant mid 70’s, nice and sunny. You walk around and see people in tiny shorts and your brain begins to question what season we are currently in. With palm trees rather than pine needles my sense of time feels slightly off. Oh where, oh where, has wintertime gone? Oh where, oh where, can it be?

Winter on a spiritual calendar is a time of reflection. While it is cold and with fewer hours of daylight outdoor activities become limited. More time is spent inside on interior things such as; reading, planning for the spring garden, your vacation, studying new topics. It’s a time for growing anticipation of the return of daylight. The time spent in reflection during the winter months can make you ready for action in the upcoming spring. But here in the land of more tropical-like temperatures my mind has lost sight of winter.

I wake up and its a warm sunny day. I feel restless. I feel caged and pent-up. I don’t know what to do with myself. I don’t know what I am suppose to do or what to be focused on. I find myself in a fog of forgetting the season. I reach for a jacket and nearly suffer from a heat stroke having no need for it pushing myself out onto the street.

But hot or cold, winter is a time for reflection or interior measuring, (how did I do?, how am I doing?). It is a time of goal setting and renegotiating. It is a necessary time of self examination if you are compelled to live a life of truth making the best out of the days in each season. We need the rest of winter and the building of impending energy for the out-flowing of creative force that is the spring. But all this sunshine and heat is confusing me and I want to run and play rather than sit and pray.

So I’ll compromise and walk and pray reflecting all of the way. I will study my reflection in a window reflection and reflect over the reflection of myself reflecting over the reflection that mirrors the indulgence of winter and reflect over the need to work on my reflection. So I set my spring’s intention of working on my winters reflection as I walk and pray on the streets of LA.


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