quiet desperation


I am living this day filled with quiet desperation. I am so tired of humans behaving badly and telling the rest of us to lighten up. It seems that it has been determined in some room somewhere that our word is no longer meaningful. We can say whatever we want about whatever we want, however we want, whenever we want and of course there will be no consequences because, “I have the right to say what I want,…”

They feel they have the right to decide for themselves what rules and laws they will follow. Let’s not mention integrity because whatever they choose to say at any given time is their right and they fall over themselves with the ever popular, “I was just kidding” “I didn’t mean it’. “Can’t you take a joke?” Everyone wants the get out of jail card, nobody wants to work towards or for anything, take take take. My word, what word?

Though electronic media offers spell check, auto correct, and a delete button it doesn’t not offer a filter for stupid things said or written. People are very brave with their words when spoken through a device, like I said we can’t mention integrity, on screen you can be who you want, say what you want, and all under assumed names, brave!

I am tired of the entitled human mind, what is mine is mine what is yours is mine if i can get it. The entitled will decide which humans are humans and which are here for their pleasure to do with what they want and which humans are here just to support their whims. “I will take everything there is to take off of this earth however I want because it was put here for me and to hell with everyone else”. They make puppets out of other people, slaves out of other people, and will take what is in your hand if they decide they want it or need it more than you.Their word is good for one thing only, taking.

We would all be best served paying more attention and holding people to task but, more importantly I would love it if the citizens of the planet finally stood up and realized there is strength in numbers. Gangs know this and use it to their advantage knowing in their world there are plenty of cogs for their machine, more takers hoping for a piece of their pie which they may never live long enough to see. We could all stand up and demand that our leaders speak with integrity and truth or be removed. We could demand the removal of takers from office, from the business world of finance, takers who are teachers, takers who are parents, takers who are leaders.

All of us together could make a difference but we have heard that before haven’t we?

Why aren’t people more invested in what’s going on? Why have we let integrity go? Again more importantly why has the idea of being a man/woman of your word gone? Family members say stupid things and tear things up and all with their words, reputations are ruined by someone’s word, lies are spread by someone’s word, truths are hidden by someone’s word, it’s a terrible thing and mighty stupid. Someone is determining for us how the word should be used and we just sit back in our electronic fog and let it happen.

I want to feel hope and I know in the end the takers never win. The universal laws maintain that balance is always maintained in our world. But today I am overwhelmed with quiet desperation over the loss of those around me whose word means nothing, living in a world where many others have no clue to the power of their word, or how it cuts like a knife.

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