the abitrary truth

I had my grandson over last night and as with all children it is fun to listen to him working out the truth or why sometimes people don’t tell him the truth. We were talking about big numbers like how one hundred was a big number until he learned about a million. But he remembered that his Mom had told him that 3 was a big number at sometime. I told him 3 was a big number when you are talking about a 3-year-old child. 3 years is a long time to be alive when you are 3 not so much when you are 7. We talked about how truth changes as understanding does. Big topic for a little boy.

But it did make me think about truth and arbitrary truths. When someone is trying to convince you of the rightness of their truth, is it truth or is it an arbitrary truth? Everyone believes what they believe as truth, fundamentalist of any religion will explain to you their truth as the truth. A believer in creationism believes it as truth, time travelers, they believe its truth, flu shot enthusiasts, vitamin believers, you get it. Is it all truth? Is it truth because you believe it? Does your believing in something make it truth? I mean really across the board, yes its truth? Hmm, I wonder.

Seems to me that thinking things through would be one method of truth fact-finding, until you are talking to an ice sales man while living in Alaska, that is. Someone, actually anyone with great speaking skills, can make most people believe what ever they want. My children were told all kinds of things when they were young, was that truth? I was told lots of stuff when I was young, none of that was truth. As a matter of fact I am less inclined to believe in the truth anymore as I am also an amazing sales person with plenty of book knowledge and street smarts of my own. I really can’t be told anything anymore. So I filter truth through my knowledge of truth and given new evidence I can change my mind. Power of thinking.

It’s a sad fact that most people will not get off their lazy butt to investigate a truth for themselves. If the Today show says it’s real, well then, it must be real. If Brian Williams sayings something is real, is it truth? Must be it’s on TV. If a spiritual teacher says something we make that a truth. Why, are they closer to God some how? If Japan has a nuclear event and we stop talking about it, does it stop affecting everyone just because we looked away? Is the water safe, our food, our air, does anyone care?

I am teaching my grandson the fine art of discernment. Yes, at 7 because frankly it cannot begin early enough. To understand truth is to have already turned on your very own truth monitor. There can be no hope for a society that does not think for itself. Once we have been hoodwinked by some leader who has proclaimed themselves ruler of the universe, it’s over people, get out your slave wear. To be free is to think for yourself. In our society of so-called freedom, this freedom only works when we use it. If we blindly follow every recommendation knowing it is not right for us, who is the slave now? How many of you went running out for the flu shot got the flu anyway but said oh well, Yah not me.

How many of you pop pills because of someone’s recommendation? How many of you eat certain foods avoid other foods but only at someone else’s recommendation? When I was young my mother told me that if I ate onions they would make me sick because they made her sick. So I believed her until the day they smelled so good I had to see for myself. Yah, I love onions, tons of onions, on everything, in everything. It was not a truth for me. It was an arbitrary truth. So I teach my grandson how to think for himself.

The other day my grandson got mad at the cat for scratching him, he blamed the cat, was pissed off at the cat, but on further review someone had been teasing the cat with a toy and Mr Big paw got him good. As I got him to see that getting mad at the cat for playing the game was not fair I told him he had to learn to play with Mr big paw from a distance, for safety sake. Him getting hurt was not the cats fault, though it was the cat that had hurt him, the cat was being a cat I told him. Cats fault, arbitrary truth, his fault, truth. Not always a fun thing to learn but most important.

Those who believe their truth to be the truth can only be told other wise by someone who can counter their truth with a better truth, a wiser truth. All people with fairness as part of their make up will see truth and want the truth. It is only the human whose desire it is to manipulate others to their truth for material gain that are lying to us all and calling it truth. Look around that’s happening everywhere. I would like for my grandson to see truth and not the BS someone is selling. I want our leaders to see truth and not what someone is selling. I want our teachers to teach the truth and discernment so our children will learn to judge for themselves and not just by the party line their parents, guardians, preachers, teachers or leaders are selling.

What makes this country great is that we get the choice. We can use our heads and learn to see and feel the truth and not be sold an arbitrary truth. We have truth at our disposal if we will use it. Teach your children well. The truth is out there make sure what you stand for is a truth and not an arbitrary truth. Funny thing about the truth, it is always the truth, a lie will always be a lie.


2 thoughts on “the abitrary truth

  1. Thank you for your insightful post. I particularly like your quote “Truth changes as understanding does.” Looking for empirical evidence of these “truths” is so important. Your grandson is learning something valuable.

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