Spring is coming?

IMG_0199This is a tough time in northern Minnesota for me. There is still quite a bit of snow on the ground and the air can be quite cold. No need for a spring jacket its cold as hell outside. The silver lining, the days are at nearly 12 hours of sunlight meaning, the snow mountains outside my garage grow smaller everyday plus, I can see more and more of my yard. In my mini forest of a side yard the trees think of spring while still standing surrounded by snow. Spring is in the air but we are surrounded by the remnants of winter. That can make these days difficult.

I imagine the energy of these early spring days feeling like the energy buzzing inside of a seed. Filled with vibration the seed begins to wake the possibilities of its new life-like the trees getting ready to prepare for new leaves. But there is work to do before the seed or leaves can actually burst forth, foundation work that needs to be finished in order for the promise of the seed or new leaves can be fulfilled. If the seed or trees moves to fast they risk emerging to soon and losing everything. Timing is essential. So the energy of potential just sits there and builds. Until the time is right.

It’s easy to resist the foundation stage in our own lives. I want to skip past the work that first needs to be done to fulfill the dream I have inside me. I want the results right now. We are unfulfilled in our world because we are unfulfilled inside of ourselves. We have forgotten that our own efforts can change outcomes. We have forgotten about work and made work a bad word. How do we learn to curb unreasonable desire like reward without hard work? How do we ever learn to be satisfied if we have never worked hard enough to earn the reward of our efforts? Everything given to us like coddled children. Does a child take care of a car received with ease as well as the young person who worked 3 jobs all summer in order to have one? Which one stands in awe of their car gently wiping the grimy bumpers?

In northern Minnesota we fight and claw towards spring. After a long winter we are eager to get on with it. I want to repaint the garage. I want to add-on to the garden. I want to sit in the sun. I want to put out the swing. The days get longer the drive for spring grows stronger. The spring energy mixed with winter overtones makes us visualize, think and plan because if we move to fast we risk losing everything, nothing ever getting started nothing ever getting finished. So working and dreaming about what we are going to do helps us to collect the energy to make it so, when the time is right. But all that hoping and wishing leads to lots of build up of potential, and it can lead to lots of wanting…

I want the snow to be melted. I want to see my yard and plan for planting. I want the cats to spend more time outside, please! I want the mud puddles to dry up. I want 10 pounds of winter fat to disappear. I want to sit on my front porch. I want the path to the garage to appear. I want to hang my sheets on the line. I want the cats to go outside, did I say that? I want to chase the dog without wading through snow and melted snow. I want to change out to my spring clothes. I want to put my coat away and never look at it again, until next year. I want to put away that same pair of snow boots I have been wearing for months. I want I want I want I want, now I sound like my grandson…

it’s that time of year and spring IS coming.

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