walking the dog

Here in the Northland we have been experiencing a long never-ending winter. Cabin fever has most of us on edge, and frankly with good reason. Yesterday there was a break in the action meaning it stopped snowing for a minute, I think its suppose to snow again tonight. The sun actually came out and gave us for a few hours the blessed hope of spring, it might do it again today. I grabbed the dog & leash and headed outside. First step out the door optimistic Leanne smiling, looking around. Second step a very Virgo OCD  Leanne looking down, “is that water?” Why am I walking the dog?

The mountains of snow we have gotten in April are in various states of melting, there is water everywhere, everywhere! Once you step outside getting wet and muddy are the standard. Haters of dirt beware. Haters of getting wet and muddy beware! OCD Leanne’s beware!

Dogs and kids love this time of year, it’s a free for all of puddles. Jumping in every one of them seems to be a dogs answer to that’s what I’m talking about. My puppy Zeus loves it. Me, the Virgo, with a side note of OCD, a dog jumping on me in various states of muddy and wet is not what I’m talking about!

“Come on dog let’s get this over with” as he jumps on me again, so so so so so so happy.

At first I pretend to be walking the dog for the dogs sake. I am irritated by all the wet but the sun is so bright and before long everywhere I look there are people out and about the heaviness has lifted with the clouds. There are children coming home from school who just have to pet the puppy. Zeus is in heaven. Moving on to the next bunch of kids. Over and over there were children wanting to talk with and touch the dog, all kinds, all ages. It was so sweet to watch their little hands reaching for the dog, their questions, their smiles, Zeus’s smiles.

Crusty cabin fever Leanne may have smiled even as he hit me again with his muddy paws.

He kept jumping all over me ruining my jeans, destroying my coat, excited by every child he saw. There were paw prints up and down my person. Every time he saw another child more jumping, he was having a blast. Everyone wanted to touch him, his happiness and joy was mirrored by the children. In the end he broke through my “are you kidding me by destroying my clothes making me walk in the wet and damp?” and I just started watching him. I was as wet as I could possibly get and muddy to boot, I figured might as well enjoy it. That dog was enjoying every second of the present moment just as the children were. You could see they felt so alive. The sun was making the water puddles sparkle, the birds were everywhere singing, the robins pulling worms, the children were getting as wet as the dog. You had to laugh. It was a scene right out of a Rockwell print.

This moment was found in 2013 in the midst of all the chaos that our world is suffering from. This beautiful normal moment where children and adults were transformed from the worrisome people we have had to be back to our innocence if just ever so briefly. The children and the puppy brought us all out of our revelry and we felt joy. Those children who in a minute can be moved to smiles just by watching a dog walk by are the reason I am finishing this up, leash in hand. Somebody has to walk the dog and the children will be getting out of school soon. Smiles all around!

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