Orb hunting

Orb hunting

Lately I have been loving that Ghost Hunter show on TV. I try to watch all the different ghost hunting shows just to see how they investigate the buildings and homes. They always try to find evidence of something otherworldly like, orbs, disembodied voices, things moving, doors opening and closing, stuff like that. For the most part you can tell the shows are edited for television but the idea that maybe you could capture an image on your home camera  began to intrigue me.

One day I was sitting on my couch after sunset and thought to get my iphone out and take some pictures. There they were, orbs. I did the whole wipe the lens off thing, took the picture again and there they were, more orbs. I just sat on the couch moving the camera around shooting pictures. I was looking at orbs of different size and brightness, like the ones in the above photo. Way cool!IMG_1661This picture happened when I was showing my grandson how I took the first orb photos and we saw this smaller one go by just as the picture was taken. To show him I had the room dark and the flash set. Then I would hit the take a picture button and we would watch the flash come on and take the picture. Sometimes we would see the orb before the aperture closed and sometimes we wouldn’t see it until we looked at the picture. We had a blast pressing the button and waiting to see what would appear.

I can tell you those orbs were not visible in the room and they were not in every picture. They would come in for a bit and take off. I loved it. It was a great visual reminder of what we learn in Divine Spiritual Wisdom that we are not alone. In the spiritual tradition we learn we see only 10% of what is available to see. That leaves 90% of other cool things to hope to see, like the spirit of my Grandma keeping watch over my family.

When we become open to a greater experience of life then cool things can happen to remind us of just how big the experience of life can be. When my grandson asked me if it was scary I told him it was God’s way of showing us those who have passed over are still checking in making sure we are ok. So I picked one orb to be my grandma and he picked one orb to be his grandpa. We figured the small fast-moving orb was the spirit of his future niece or nephew coming in to say hi.

He liked that.

The art of being sick

images-2Ahhh nothing like being sick to put things back into perspective. What was important the day before you thought you might actually die from body pain due to the flu becomes , what was that thing I was thinking that was so important? Because nothing is important on the day you think you might die!!! Apparently being melodramatic is a very important part of the art of being sick.

Back to reality because the art of being sick is accomplished when you walk back to health. I know! I spent almost 4 years being sick. From the ages of 44-48 I was sick more often than not, in bed more than out of bed, and wanting to die, most of the time. I had lots of pain, lots of surgery, lots and lots of bad bed hair days! Being sick almost became a way of life and then sick and tired of being sick and tired I fought my way back to health. I fought my sickness and I won.

Fast forward to the last 2 months. I have been sick for almost the entire time. Just as I felt better, round 2, better again, nope round 3. Every symptom I had before has been revisited. I was experiencing terrible body pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue all of it rearing its ugly head. My asthma, my migraines it was like a full system failure. For about a minute I began to wonder, is something going on? Am I getting “sick” again beyond this sickness? Not an awesome moment.

At the end of my 4 year-long sickness the way I pulled it together was taking charge of my health and not being a victim to it. I had to do this again and this moment usually occurs when my symptom management loses its management of the situation.  As a yogi the first thing to do when sick is to start drinking hot water in the morning to stimulate the liver. The hot water also helps with reducing mucus and raises the body temp to increase blood flow so the circulatory system can do a better job of getting white blood cells where they need to be. My diet becomes very simple so as not to tax my system with food processing especially when I need energy for healing. I try to eat pure food, and easily digested foods are very important. I drink green tea all day long  Dr OZ says it’s a great inside the body cleanser.

I sleep when I can, meditate when I can’t and do my energy mudras to increase my strength. I take really hot bathes when my body pain is bad using eucalyptus oil and sea salt, (not epsom salt), it releases toxins and relieves pain. If my sinuses are involved I invert my body, meaning my head is down whether I am folded over or on my bed on my stomach with my head hanging, yes it hurts when you have sinus pressure but the increased blood flow through the sinuses has kept me from having to take an antibiotic for a sinus infection for years, not to mention has kept pneumonia and bronchitis at bay. I do it for 5 minutes 3-5 times a day, it’s a miracle.

I have gone from being a victim of being sick to being proactive when I find myself sick. We all on the human plane are going to fall sick from time to time and sometimes we just need a break. But when practicing the art of being sick by applying healing arts as soon as possible makes a sick day something to be handled and not suffered.

It’s called “being” a wife(partner) and mother

No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both he is twice blessed indeed.

A disturbing trend I see and hear about is the breakdown of the duties of the wife and mother, (good God read on before you roll your eyes). Face it and you know it, without a good woman in your family you probably do not have a well-functioning family. Mothers have been doing the job of Mom and Pop for years as so many men have died providing for their families and protecting our country leaving Mom at the helm of her ship. The role of the mother and wife was a very important role indeed in keeping the family together. Once upon a time it was a woman’s pride to take care of her family and then something happened. I began to hear entitlement in the voice of women sick of not having any support and left holding the ball. Drugs march in as a woman’s mind marches out, plug-in shopping, sex, drinking, avoidance, bitterness, ect… Children, what children, husband what husband, fucking leave me alone already!

Husbands come and go because women lead them away or bitch them to death or expect what can not be expected, and they do the same thing to fathers. Once your husband is out the door for what ever justifiable reason you had, he is gone, so is the father of your children if you had any. This leaves women doing double duty. Resentment-ville is right around the corner and the kids have been forgotten. This is ridiculous, at some point being responsible for what you set up, like getting married and having children, is required. We need to quit trying to get out of doing our job. Woman! Stand up already! Please God!

I am dealing with a woman right now who cannot see the nightmare in front of her because she thinks the nightmare she is imaging is real. Her husband did something to disrupt her trust, a year ago, we won’t mention that any acting out behavior is just that acting out, for instance I need to say something and I don’t know how, so I am going to fuck up and see how you handle it, even our children do this, my cat did it too! When something needs to be said in a relationship and it is not, try to live on the banks of De-nile, believe me, it will be back with a vengeance, back to the story.

The husband acted out, in front of her so she could see what she would not see, and what was a call for help became her cry for look what you did. Now she lives in victim-ville and she is dragging her family down with her. Her son is forced to go to school dealing with bullshit, her son doesn’t get her full attention and lately any of her attention because she would rather live with her head in “I”m right”  and “I’m mad” and “I’m sad” and “I’m upset”, and her boy is just hungry and needs a pair of shoes, guess who is having trouble at school.

So while she sits down on the job and we boost her husband to try to give the family time to heal and frankly time for her to get her head out of her ass. I wait. I wait for her to see her role in the destruction of her family while she points her finger at who she blames. Her family will go down in flames. Only a very weak-willed man will put up with a woman continually blaming, ragging, whining, bitching, a good man will manage for a while but any man worth his salt will not let a woman bring down the house. But a lot do, a woman’s force is not any fun when it is aimed at you.

For a woman to be all she is to be in the role of wife and mother is to understand it is an action word. You do wife-ing and mother-ing. You do it because it is our nature to be the nurturer, we give birth, we create life, its in us, even if we never become a wife or mother. Our strength holds the world because we hold the family. Men back us up, protect and provide, we hold the family.  We hold our children so they can grow and learn and be, it’s a continual job. Is this new information to some people?

Think of Jesus, he had Marys, two of them, a companion and a mother, through what had to have been a very difficult role for both. We all need the support of our families and we as women need to get back to work. There will be no career awesomeness that wipes out the shitty job you do with your family. Believe me and then go ask your kids and maybe your ex-husband. I am not saying stay home I didn’t, I am saying if your are partnered, DO YOUR JOB support and love your partner, if you are a parent DO YOUR JOB, support and love love love your children! God is watching us…

Woe mighty big soap box today

Mother’s day

547683_4451938661801_1233800492_nFunny how life is…  I was a mom at 18. The mother of 3 at 23. My life is nothing like I thought it would be. It is so much more…

Inside of myself has always been an awareness of the importance of my job as a mother. The responsibility that was mine because well, I gave birth to them. I still take this job very seriously and in the end it will be the only job I will have held as being important. I have had the privilege to help mold 3 humans into awesome humans. I loved them unconditionally even when those looking into my backyard thought I was doing something wrong. I gave my kids the freedom to explore and be themselves in whatever manner they chose. I allowed the fear of the unknown to be around them and myself so that they could invent themselves and not fall into someone’s you ‘should’ be this bullshit, they will be themselves!  I held them when they fell and lifted them when they could not see. I have poured my life blood into each one of them. And now they are grown.

dramatic pause, enter the dragon, my grandson…

IMG_1448What makes every mothers day great now is that I am grandma. The next stage is upon me and it is awesome. My daughter is pregnant, my second grandchild is on the way. Hell yah! I want lots of grandkids. There is no doubt that it has been difficult for me as my own mother had a hard time with the kind of personality I have and it kept us at arms distance until her death. Being a mother was hard on her, at least with me, and being a mother has been hard on me. I just knew there was no choice but to do the job of mothering. Her friction with me became my desire for a completely different definition of the word mother for myself. And I redefined it. My hope and prayer is that from wherever she is she knows, she made me who I am and I am a fricking awesome mother and looking forward to turning into an awesome grandma!!!!

God is great!

Breaking dishes

images-1There is no doubt that life is frustrating. In appreciation to this fact I would like to start a national breaking dishes day. A much-needed, pretty straight forward approach to releasing frustration. Why take drugs, or sit endlessly in front of a tv or electronic devise, why drink until your blind or eat until your fat, rather break some dishes and get on with it.

Just think of how awesome it would be to have a designated area where frustrations could be released. Here in the north it would be in the basement.

Kids driving you nuts with cabin fever, puberty, just plain too much noise, head to the basement for a dishes breaking session.

Turn on the news, watch more stupid things happening, fear mongers wagging their tongues, people set on disturbing other people’s lives, before getting upset go straight downstairs to the basement dishes breaking area.

Partner has left the toilet seat up again, underwear on the floor, dishes by the bed, forgot to pick up the kid, milk, bread, straight to the basement dishes breaking session

Bills, IRS bills, child care, credit debt, college funds, lack there of, retirement funds, lack there of, dishes need to be broken.

Dealing with frustration as it comes is a far better and more honest approach in learning to deal with it. I think people have forgotten that life is by nature filled with frustration. It’s just the way it is. Every being is trying to find its way and most of the time they find it while being in everyone else’s way.

Four way stops can be frustrating- no one knows when to go. Express lines can be frustrating-no one knows how to count. Professional appointments can be frustrating- no one is on time, Family will make you pull your hair out-sanity is sometimes optional, being able to just deal with it, priceless..

Break some dishes because:

We cannot make people do what they will not.

We cannot make people say what they will not.

We cannot make people see things they will not.

We cannot make our children into what we want.

We cannot make our family be what we want.

We cannot make life into what it is not.

Break some dishes and feel better, get back to life

and most of all remember if you want what you want when you want it you may not get what you need when you need it. Wanting is the biggest reason to break some dishes, wanting just leads to more wanting, learn to deal with reality, fix what you can by taking responsibility and then when you get frustrated and you will! Break some dishes, release that pent up energy and get back to life.

I am going to go to goodwill to buy some dishes, doing good for society, put some music on and break some dishes, doing even more good for society, lol.