Breaking dishes

images-1There is no doubt that life is frustrating. In appreciation to this fact I would like to start a national breaking dishes day. A much-needed, pretty straight forward approach to releasing frustration. Why take drugs, or sit endlessly in front of a tv or electronic devise, why drink until your blind or eat until your fat, rather break some dishes and get on with it.

Just think of how awesome it would be to have a designated area where frustrations could be released. Here in the north it would be in the basement.

Kids driving you nuts with cabin fever, puberty, just plain too much noise, head to the basement for a dishes breaking session.

Turn on the news, watch more stupid things happening, fear mongers wagging their tongues, people set on disturbing other people’s lives, before getting upset go straight downstairs to the basement dishes breaking area.

Partner has left the toilet seat up again, underwear on the floor, dishes by the bed, forgot to pick up the kid, milk, bread, straight to the basement dishes breaking session

Bills, IRS bills, child care, credit debt, college funds, lack there of, retirement funds, lack there of, dishes need to be broken.

Dealing with frustration as it comes is a far better and more honest approach in learning to deal with it. I think people have forgotten that life is by nature filled with frustration. It’s just the way it is. Every being is trying to find its way and most of the time they find it while being in everyone else’s way.

Four way stops can be frustrating- no one knows when to go. Express lines can be frustrating-no one knows how to count. Professional appointments can be frustrating- no one is on time, Family will make you pull your hair out-sanity is sometimes optional, being able to just deal with it, priceless..

Break some dishes because:

We cannot make people do what they will not.

We cannot make people say what they will not.

We cannot make people see things they will not.

We cannot make our children into what we want.

We cannot make our family be what we want.

We cannot make life into what it is not.

Break some dishes and feel better, get back to life

and most of all remember if you want what you want when you want it you may not get what you need when you need it. Wanting is the biggest reason to break some dishes, wanting just leads to more wanting, learn to deal with reality, fix what you can by taking responsibility and then when you get frustrated and you will! Break some dishes, release that pent up energy and get back to life.

I am going to go to goodwill to buy some dishes, doing good for society, put some music on and break some dishes, doing even more good for society, lol.



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