The art of being sick

images-2Ahhh nothing like being sick to put things back into perspective. What was important the day before you thought you might actually die from body pain due to the flu becomes , what was that thing I was thinking that was so important? Because nothing is important on the day you think you might die!!! Apparently being melodramatic is a very important part of the art of being sick.

Back to reality because the art of being sick is accomplished when you walk back to health. I know! I spent almost 4 years being sick. From the ages of 44-48 I was sick more often than not, in bed more than out of bed, and wanting to die, most of the time. I had lots of pain, lots of surgery, lots and lots of bad bed hair days! Being sick almost became a way of life and then sick and tired of being sick and tired I fought my way back to health. I fought my sickness and I won.

Fast forward to the last 2 months. I have been sick for almost the entire time. Just as I felt better, round 2, better again, nope round 3. Every symptom I had before has been revisited. I was experiencing terrible body pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue all of it rearing its ugly head. My asthma, my migraines it was like a full system failure. For about a minute I began to wonder, is something going on? Am I getting “sick” again beyond this sickness? Not an awesome moment.

At the end of my 4 year-long sickness the way I pulled it together was taking charge of my health and not being a victim to it. I had to do this again and this moment usually occurs when my symptom management loses its management of the situation.  As a yogi the first thing to do when sick is to start drinking hot water in the morning to stimulate the liver. The hot water also helps with reducing mucus and raises the body temp to increase blood flow so the circulatory system can do a better job of getting white blood cells where they need to be. My diet becomes very simple so as not to tax my system with food processing especially when I need energy for healing. I try to eat pure food, and easily digested foods are very important. I drink green tea all day long  Dr OZ says it’s a great inside the body cleanser.

I sleep when I can, meditate when I can’t and do my energy mudras to increase my strength. I take really hot bathes when my body pain is bad using eucalyptus oil and sea salt, (not epsom salt), it releases toxins and relieves pain. If my sinuses are involved I invert my body, meaning my head is down whether I am folded over or on my bed on my stomach with my head hanging, yes it hurts when you have sinus pressure but the increased blood flow through the sinuses has kept me from having to take an antibiotic for a sinus infection for years, not to mention has kept pneumonia and bronchitis at bay. I do it for 5 minutes 3-5 times a day, it’s a miracle.

I have gone from being a victim of being sick to being proactive when I find myself sick. We all on the human plane are going to fall sick from time to time and sometimes we just need a break. But when practicing the art of being sick by applying healing arts as soon as possible makes a sick day something to be handled and not suffered.

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