Lately I have been loving that Ghost Hunter show on TV. I try to watch all the different ghost hunting shows just to see how they investigate the buildings and homes. They always try to find evidence of something otherworldly like, orbs, disembodied voices, things moving, doors opening and closing, stuff like that. For the most part you can tell the shows are edited for television but the idea that maybe you could capture an image on your home camera  began to intrigue me.

One day I was sitting on my couch after sunset and thought to get my iphone out and take some pictures. There they were, orbs. I did the whole wipe the lens off thing, took the picture again and there they were, more orbs. I just sat on the couch moving the camera around shooting pictures. I was looking at orbs of different size and brightness, like the ones in the above photo. Way cool!IMG_1661This picture happened when I was showing my grandson how I took the first orb photos and we saw this smaller one go by just as the picture was taken. To show him I had the room dark and the flash set. Then I would hit the take a picture button and we would watch the flash come on and take the picture. Sometimes we would see the orb before the aperture closed and sometimes we wouldn’t see it until we looked at the picture. We had a blast pressing the button and waiting to see what would appear.

I can tell you those orbs were not visible in the room and they were not in every picture. They would come in for a bit and take off. I loved it. It was a great visual reminder of what we learn in Divine Spiritual Wisdom that we are not alone. In the spiritual tradition we learn we see only 10% of what is available to see. That leaves 90% of other cool things to hope to see, like the spirit of my Grandma keeping watch over my family.

When we become open to a greater experience of life then cool things can happen to remind us of just how big the experience of life can be. When my grandson asked me if it was scary I told him it was God’s way of showing us those who have passed over are still checking in making sure we are ok. So I picked one orb to be my grandma and he picked one orb to be his grandpa. We figured the small fast-moving orb was the spirit of his future niece or nephew coming in to say hi.

He liked that.

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