The weather around here is awful lately, it’s chilly, foggy, and grey. Nearly summer I am still waiting for the heat.

“Rainy and damp, look the sun has forgotten us”, I lament to my dog Zeus as he pleads for a walk. “Please don’t make me go out there”, I plead right back to him. The last thing I want to do is go out there in that chilly damp horrible weather. He stares at me wagging his tail. He could care less what I am saying. He, as a 6 month old puppy, would like his walk now, thank you very much! Cabin fever has definitely set in. If I don’t figure out a way to help him release his building steam there will be a tornado in my house. The cats hate the tornado!

I changed my clothes and we headed out the door. Grrrr…

I took him into the woods as to avoid other humans and their dogs. I didn’t want to have to play nice with some stranger walking by. I was in a sour mood anyway and now mad at the dog for making me walk in the rain. I would rather have been doing anything else   Soon my breathing was off. He kept pulling me and pulling me. He was driving me crazy. Pretty soon I was pulling him as much as he was pulling me. He wanted to go this way I wanted to go that way.He was making it a game and I was just getting mad. Like having a power struggle with a teenager who is sure they know it all I needed to nip this game in the bud. I didn’t need to be screaming at my dog in the street.

I pull him to make the turn into the woods and things got quite. The road noise which is slight to begin with was gone and the only sound left was the creek running from the all the rain. Though the fog was lifting the green in the budding leaves was nearly electric and it took up lots of space, it was like walking through a movie set. The air was thick with freshness and soon the dog and I were walking in sync. He wanted to go this way and so did I. He walked and ran and sniffed everything all around me and I just walked slowly giving him lots of time to burn his energy. The road curls around, we walked further up the hill and then it cleared up a bit. We stopped at a clearing to look at the rushing water below us. It’s where I snapped this picture of Zeus being king of his rock. We just stood there for a few long moments, watching.

After a while we both started moving and walking back the way we came. We were alone and absolutely quiet on our walk back to the house. His pent-up energy spent and my sour mood lifted. It is hard to feel frustration when surrounded by the natural world. Though the weather had been nasty the beauty of our environment was in evidence everywhere. Scores of birds were singing while flying over head and a deer family waved their tails while running from the dog who never saw them. This place is brimming with wildness. As we reached the walkway to my house I realized we were walking happily along. Both of us smiling. Both of us peaceful. Must be one of those presents from the present moment!

Finding peace on a walk.

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