The present moment brought to you by Zeus, puppy Guru

IMG_1907I woke up to another grey cloudy day. The dog sensing my displeasure began to desire a walk beyond any distraction I could come up with. Not even a busy bone would do, “walk or die” he said. The ground is wet, the air is chilly, I do not want to go out there!!! For my own peace of mine and the pacing of an animal pushing for his way, I changed my clothes, f*&k.

I try to walk him in the woods even if its wet outside. There’s something wrong with carrying poo in a bag (to me). Not natural when the woods are so close to my house. So we head out. While all I can think of is the mess he is making of his freshly washed hide he continues romping through the tall grass, not caring at all. Finally I stopped paying attention and we just walked it out.

I live in my head constantly thinking and processing. Even as I do daily chores my brain is like a computer on run, always on the job. Often there is no difference in the time spent in nature when I am walking Zeus. The dog is there to wear himself out and I am there to get him to wear himself out. I walk automatically, the walk is for him and I let him walk off leash. It’s the time I allow him to be a puppy and run it out, plus practice being a big dog and explore without getting yelled at every minute. These walks are important for him.

Then we reach the top of our walk where a bridge goes over the creek. He is away from me and I lean over the edge to check out the creek flowing hard from the rain. I am barely on the walk. In a split second that dog jumped up to get on the ridge and about lost his footing as his front feet headed over the edge. He had no idea what he was jumping on, how narrow it was, he just wanted to see what I was looking at. As he jumped my mother brain must have engaged because my arm was out to stop him as it happened. My hair went grey all over again. He didn’t even realize what he had done, up and down he went in a split second and he was off smelling something else. I looked down at what we would have fallen down on and well it wouldn’t have been awesome. Hmm.

Then it happened again. We are walking back down the trail but not before he found a smell to follow and I watched him plow right through the grass right to the edge of the cliff that the rain had washed out, I watched him stop himself as he realized the ground wasn’t where he thought it was. I scream, “wait”. He was already onto the next thing, me grey again. Hmm.

Now I am paying attention. I walk trying to curb anymore suicide behavior and he senses me paying attention, what is with this dog? He runs at me, jumps on me, circles me, and keeps going. We walked like that the rest of the walk, I looked at something he looked at it, he looked at something I looked at it. He would run at me and jump on me. The wind blew leaves on the road he went running to get them, I would laugh he would run and jump at me plastering me with muddy paw prints. Before I knew it we were at the bottom of the walk where the creek is nearest.

I have kept him out of water because I did just bath him and we are walking near the creek edge. I think I have won the water battle as he is interested in the other side when he spied the creek within leash reach. I have never seen anything like it, this is northern Minnesota the water is COLD, he plunged right into it. He dived in it, he ran back and forth in it, he dunked his headed under, he ran and jumped some more, good heavens that boy loves that water. I don’t!

The picture was taken seconds before he lunged at me to share his water experience but this time I was in the moment and he missed me. He was wet and I was in the moment. Guru Zeus had done his work. He settled down and it was a quiet walk back to the house. Nothing like a walk when you are actually in your body paying attention. It was beautiful out there.

Both of us in the moment, the present moment now!


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