Traveling alone



Summer has avoided Duluth this year and looking for any reason to travel, seeking summer seemed good enough. Of course for me Paris is always the answer so I checked the weather and sure enough they were having summer in Paris.

Here I am again. City for lovers, my ass. City of beautiful people, hands down!

It’s funny I am always so excited to go, I love to travel, yet when I hit the ground and the reality of how alone I can feel with jet lag out the ass, my reclusive button gets hit and it can be hard to leave my room. But, since this is not my first time here I gave myself a stern talking to and headed out the door. Geez, Leanne.

I figured that the best way to deal with this travelers fear was to head to the Eiffel Tower, totally a tourist destination. There I could get lost in the crowd. I was thinking of going to the top and thank God it was temporarily closed, I mean really how much fear does one person need to deal with, so instead, I sat on a bench and just watched the endless parade of people.

Awww humans. I have been told over and over again that I think too much. I am very aware of myself. As I sat and watched the people go by I realized that most humans are walking around asleep. They are not paying any attention to anything around them. I am not sure I get it. Most are looking down at their devices. So many vacant expressions like they are walking around but not in their bodies. There they are in one of the most awesome places in the world and its long faces, screaming kids and how much longer do we have to be here.

It didn’t take long for perspective to show up. I saw so much when I looked in their faces that it pulled me right out of my revelry. There was every manner of human in those crowds; parents, kids, players, crooks, beautiful humans, lots of awkward humans and humans who have no understanding of a mirror, homeless excluded. What I saw was everyone looking for some kind of connection. Everyone is looking for love and to be needed, wanted, seen. Its written on everyone’s face. Why should it bother me if it’s on mine?

I become one of the crowd and filled with the knowing that there are as many lonely people walking in the city as there are couples and families I stood up and began my walk back. A peace came over me and it just didn’t matter anymore that I was still alone and had no one to share all this awesomeness with. I just became so filled with gratefulness that I was there.

I headed for the subway to return to my hotel and a woman stopped me for directions, in French. In one second I went from being a lonely tourist to a resident of France, Paris France no less, how cool is that?

Lonely, my ass!


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