Traveling alone and learning to speak up


After getting to my hotel following my very long flight, the very french woman behind the desk proceeded to tell me that I had made my reservation for the night before I arrived, meaning I missed a night, and because there was no refunds, it was just to bad. I had made an honest mistake due to time differences that would be my costly mistake. As if waving a “sucks for you” banner in my jet lagged face. Then of course she proceeds to look for a room and I said, “seems my room was ready yesterday”, right? Bull shit they rented that room and put me somewhere else, not in the kind of room that I made a reservation for. I was way too tired to deal with her.

I  saw my view which to the left as the picture shows, awesome, just to the right was a horribly modern ugly building. I decided that since the way everything had been handled by the desk was less than awesome I would just speak to the manager about it the next day. Why carry anger and resentment when I could a least tell him how I felt about the way I was treated and could also ask about my room.

That same woman was at the desk the next morning and I just couldn’t deal with her. She had been rude about the whole thing. What was I suppose to do, talk to her again. I thought I was going to have to make myself just be ok with it, I am in Paris, it is fine. Right!

Not so much…

She wasn’t at the desk the next morning,

do it Leanne speak up for yourself………

Those women behind the desk did not want me to talk to the manager until I kept saying I am a paying guest I am allowed to speak to the manager. I want to speak to the manager. I had to wait all day. Later on I sat and waited and this young man approaches me and I say, “oh still lower level management, really, this hotel is going to blow me off”. He sat down.

I explained to him how I felt about his hotel. How I would write to their parent company and leave a review, your hotel front desk staff is unfriendly. I told him I understood my mistake about the reservation but did the girl have to wave it in my face? Was it not possible that the hotel could have done something for my costly mistake?

And about my room? I told him about the deceptive web site description. How I was spending nearly 2 weeks in his hotel and that ugly building was a drag to look at every day. What happened to my Paris apartment like room. I just wanted to say my piece and felt better. I told him it was hard enough to travel alone and then have to be treated like my money wasn’t valuable to his hotel. I of course told him that he wouldn’t want his mother treated like I was, simply dismissed by a hotel, taking lots of my money.

He leaves me with my wine and I feel better like a weight was lifted. I didn’t get upset, just said what I wanted, knowing full well it was my mistake and hey I was still in Paris.

He returns with a smile and a follow me. He takes me up to the highest floor to show me a suite that is just like a Paris apartment, exactly what the web site had said about my room… he was right, it was, modern, updated and beautiful.


and then there was the balcony, i mean a balcony with a view. And in that second what I had lost in money because of my mistake was more than made up for in a room upgrade, a room that was twice the size of my first, and twice the cost.

A woman traveling alone at a certain age does things to make herself feel safe. I carefully choose my hotel and if I am staying awhile I carefully choose my room. When something like this happens especially with fatigue, it is easy just to take it. Be disappointed and say nothing. Try not to take up any space and do not raise your voice. The truth is when you speak from the heart and use words of neutrality there is no need to get defensive so the manager didn’t have to defend his hotels position on policy. Upgrading my room was easier than refunding my money and I got a much better deal.


Breakfast the next morning, and my trip becomes extra awesome. Way to speak up Leanne!!!!

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